Rock n Roll Speakeasy Wedding

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July 24, 2018

Musicians Terrianne and Don met when the bride auditioned for Don’s band nearly a decade ago. Their mutual love of music inspired their wedding, from the venue choice to the entertainment. They wanted something glamorous and special, a day that truly felt like them.

“I auditioned for his punk band nine years ago”, Terrianne explained. “We gigged around the country together and got really close. After six months we just ended up together. Like I wrote in my wedding vows to him, from the moment I met him in that audition room I knew I was going to end up with him, as corny as that may sound.”

The wedding was held on 29th December at The Earl of Doncaster, a really incredible venue decked out in an authentic art deco style to reflect its 1938 origins. The couple took this backdrop as the jumping off point for their theme and decorations. “My husband has always been a punk musician and I’ve always gone for the pin up jazz style”, Terrianne explained. “The best way for me to describe our wedding theme would probably be a Rock n Roll speakeasy with vintage glam Hollywood glam style.”

The ceremony was the bride’s highlight of the day, it had so many special moments and it’s something she’ll remember forever. “It was perfection. I had all of our sisters as my bridesmaids and my niece and nephews too. I was fine until I got to the top of the aisle and then I just became a blubbering wreck. I walked down the aisle to The Ramones version of Baby I Love You. The Ramones are our favourite band I had to include them in my wedding day. When my dad walked me down the aisle and handed me over with a kiss he tripped up over my dress so that actually broke the tension!”

“We wrote our own vows. Don being a lyricist wrote the most beautiful words and I tried my best to get my words out while holding back tears (I cried like a baby and I’m not ashamed haha!) His mother wrote a poem she called Tea For Two to read during the service and my uncle did a reading on my mother’s behalf because she was crying more than me and couldn’t get her words out.”

DIY-wise the bride really stepped it up by making their incredible wedding cake herself! She also created all the invitations and stationery, the table decorations and the favours. Of their £10,000 budget the venue was their biggest expensive but, to them, it was worth every penny.

“I made a pendant with my grandfather’s face and a pendant with my husband’s grandmothers face to sew to the backs of my shoes so that they could walk down the aisle with me and be a part of our big day because they meant so much to us. I was the only one that knew about it I surprised our families with them after the ceremony was over. It was my way of having them with me for our special day.”

“Our wedding was perfect in every way”, she concluded. “We’re only dong this once and we didn’t want to get 10 years down the line and think ‘if we had waited another year we could have afforded this that and the other’. Our advice for other couples would be to not stress so much. All of the little things that may go wrong, nobody notices! Also take time to take it all in because it goes by in a blink!”



  1. This is one of my favourite weddings ever on here… what an amazing story but more than that this wedding is crazy cute. The gorgeous bride has the best hair ever and the Queen missed a damn fine party. Wishing you all the love, hope and faith in the world for your future x

  2. Without a doubt; wedding of the year! Love the getting together story and the street party wedding theme – everything looks so personal and touching! I adore the tartan sash on the dress and the 100th man on a white horse – the bride’s face is so beautiful with excitement! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  3. Lucy

    I rarely feel compelled as much to write a comment as I do for this wedding. It is absolutely inspiring and beautiful, the love just radiates through the photographs. There is so much colour and the features are so beautifully sourced. Just WOW! Congratulations xx

  4. Just a perfect day – gorgeous home inspired styling and heaps of colour. Lots of personal ideas too!! Wishing you all the hope, love and faith you need going forwards xx

  5. Beautiful wedding and story. So many personal bits. I love the white horse! And the brides reaction. Clearly a lot of love there! So sad to hear about Elisa’s illness 🙁 All the best (hope faith and love) to them both. x

  6. Definitely one of my favorite wedding! These two are gorgeous and their wedding is just perfection! Send them hope, faith and love with all my heart <3

  7. Amazing and beautiful wedding… What an amazing theme and I love the DIY paper flowers on the tables and everywhere. The EGG idea is hilarious I wish this story would have come out before my wedding I def would have stolen a lot of these ideas!!
    Where do you got your rings from? They are adorable!!! All the best to a very very brave couple!!! HOPE FAITH & LOVE

  8. helen

    this is amazing, gave me goosebumps reading it too, good luck to the future with your health and new life together xxx

  9. Angela

    OMG this is so cute! Absolutely love all of the styling, all of the detail. Such a beautiful bride too, and her face is a picture – love the fact that it is her that has a “first look” rather than the traditional groom being surprised. LOVE it. 🙂

  10. You have both inspired 100’s of people Elisa & Ricky.
    With your beautiful love for each other.
    sending you all our love – Hope & Faith.

    Be positive – Love you both xxxx

    You are two amazing people – Your families are so proud of you.

  11. Judy Hanley

    I was fortunate enough to attend this special wedding. Loved reliving it thru these pictures. It was a very special day! Love hope faith to E & R always !!!

  12. Chris Penn

    All you want in life is to see your children happy and that dream is fulfilled in these beautiful photo’s of our daughter and her wonderful husband that has been heaven sent. Elisa’s positiveness through a really tough time and her brilliant ideas and theme all came to fruition in an amazing day at Common Barn Farm. Now the road ahead will be hard and the journey short but there Hope, Faith and Love theme continues and just to say a big thank you to those special people who have been there to support them on this journey, you know who you are. And thank you to all who have put beautiful comments up on this site it’s been beautiful to read.xx

  13. jessica

    Beautiful words Chris Penn. What an incredible story about an inspiring and absolutely fabulous couple, who are completely in love. Such a pleasure to look at the photos and know that Hope, Faith and Love prevails. xoxoxoxo

  14. Hannah

    Wow, wow, wow! I agree very much with most of the lovely comments and especially the “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful” one! What a gorgeous wedding and lovely couple! I adored the egg “fortune cookie” surprise – very adorable and unique! Love everything about this and as yet another commenter wrote, may all your Hope, Faith and Love prevail! xxxxxxx

  15. Katy

    Utterly inspiring pictures, the bride looks radiant and the groom looks like the cat who got the cream!

    And such wonderful strong words from you Chris, hard but happy times I am sure.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I have tears in my eyes typing this.

    Love, strength and happiness for the future, whatever it may bring x

  16. Sarah

    What an absolutely stunning collection of photos that just radiate love. Without even know you both as a couple you can just how your world evolves around each other and the strength you provide for each other. Sending you hope, faith and love x

  17. Arianna

    Elisa, your face perfectly expressed your motto, so full of hope, faith and LOVE! You are a role model for anyone who has to deal with cancer for some reason. THANK YOU!

  18. claire anderson

    My brother LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK elisa love you more.

    Was the best wedding ever ever ever


  19. Sara Louise Treanor

    A flawlessly beautiful wedding. You can actually feel the love just by looking at the photographs. Elisa is utterly inspirational. Sending infinite love, hope & faith to you both xxxxxxxx

  20. I am sure that Elisa & Ricky’s story has inspired many

    Please will everyone pray for a miracle for them
    Miracles do happen !!! Love conkers all !!!
    Love you both xxxx


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