An Intimate Lakeside Elopement with a Picnic Reception!

Les Amours Sauvages

July 20, 2018

Marjolaine and Julian’s first meeting was your classic love story – at a costume party. He was dressed as a pirate and she was dressed as a banana! “Whenever I think about it, it makes me laugh that Julian decided ‘Tonight I’m going to flirt with the girl dressed as a banana'”, laughed Marjolaine. He must’ve seen beneath her yellow exterior as they’ve been inseparable ever since.

They both live and work in the city, but their favourite past-time is getting lost in nature. Marjolaine was never the sort of girl who had big dreams of a wedding, but she did find herself following wedding blogs as she found the pictures so inspiring. When she stumbled upon photos of a couple who married in the middle of nowhere, alone, without guests, without an officiant – just them, nature and lot of love, she knew that this version of a wedding was one she could get on board with.

The couple’s $5000 budget was mostly spent on their photography and videographer, they enable the couple to have memories of their day to cherish forever. They love to look back at photos from their early dating days, so it was unthinkable to them to not have pictures from their wedding. Marjolaine and Julian agreed that they had no desire to spend a fortune on outfits that they would only wear for one day, so Marjolaine chose a simple, elegant dress from the wedding collection at La Redoute and Julian chose pieces he knew he would wear again.

For their ceremony, they both prepared speeches that took the time to contemplate the moments that they spend together and all that they share. “This ceremony was a
reflection of our relationship; funny, imperfect but so full of love,” said Marjolaine. “Despite spending lots of time together, we never really talk about how we feel in everyday life. This was an opportunity for us to be in the moment one hundred percent, and commit our feelings to one another for the rest of our lives.”