SPOOKY OCTOBER SALE: Get Rock n Roll Bride Magazine FOR FREE!

October 2, 2017

YOU GUYS, as of this month I will have been blogging for 10 years – A DECADE! I can hardly believe it! To celebrate this and the fact that Halloween (definitely a Rock n Roll bride’s favourite holiday) is just around the corner we’re doing a MASSIVE MAGAZINE SALE… In fact it’s not even a sale, we’re literally giving them away!

Yes, we’ve gone bat-shit crazy (see what I did there?) because for the entire month of October we’re offering all back issues of Rock n Roll Bride magazine for free. Yes, FREE!

All you need to pay for is postage and they’re yours! Currently we have issues 11-15 available (this offer does not include the current issue which is in stores now). There’s no discount code to worry about either, just hop over to our shop and order away.

Happy blogiversary to me and happy spooky season to you. And as always FANGS for all the support (OK I’ll stop now…)