Rock n Renovation: The Greenhouse

When we viewed the house and spotted the weird 1960s, curved, brown greenhouse stuck to the back of it, the first thing we said was “Well that’s gotta go right away!” It had broken panes of glass everywhere, you have to walk through it to get out to the garden, and carpet… YES CARPET on the ground. I didn’t think there was ever anything worse than carpet on a bathroom floor, but apparently I was wrong.

When we moved in, we realised the washer/dryer that came with the house was actually just a washing machine and with no extra funds right now to buy a new one, we decided to turn the greenhouse into a makeshift drying room. It actually works really well because, oh sweet baby Jesus, does it get hot in there.

Our cats have also now completely and utterly adopted it as their new Catio. Our two Maine Coons are indoor cats (although we take them around the garden on leads once a week – yes, I know, we’re those kind of crazy cat people) but when they discovered that space, and that sitting in it was almost, almost like sunning themselves outside, well, we basically can’t get them out of it.

So the plans to knock the thing down almost immediately have fallen to the wayside, at least until we extend the kitchen in a few years time. But what to do with it?┬áIt’s not massive, only about 2.5 metres squared, which does limit things somewhat.

I’ve already started putting plants in it (it is a greenhouse after all) but I’m wondering if there’s a better solution than just dotting them around the place. I’m kind of thinking of it as more of a conservatory space. We’re not really the type of people to sit out and watch the world go by, but I’m loving the idea of getting one of those awesome peacock chairs for one corner. It would look amazing and still leave enough space for the drying racks when needed.

I’d love to do something temporary to the ground to make it prettier but as I said we will tear it down eventually so there’s no point spending lots of money on it. As there are a few broken panes on the roof, a rug is out of the question as it’ll get damp when it rains… Basically anything we put in it needs to be outdoor proof.

I do really love the idea of festoon lights on the roof though…

And some kind of better plant display solution…

But basically I’m stumped. Does anyone else have any genius (temporary) ideas that won’t cost big bucks?

And yes, don’t worry, the carpet has gone (seriously, eww).


  1. Kim

    Could you paint the floor? Get an arty friend to paint a theme like your tropical leaves skirt? Or just plain colour. I would get more plants, a chair and a little table to sit on when visiting the cats now they jave semi moved out?

  2. Natasha Hornsby

    What about a couple of outdoor rugs that you can get? They normally have them in tk maxx x

  3. Remedial Wife

    Paint the floor like a rainbow. Get the peacock chair, looks amazing. Hang plants and use wooden ladders & stools as temporary plant holders perhaps?

  4. Tamba80

    Concrete paint,get different colours and paint a tile pattern or a fake rug. Ikea has their end of season sale at the moment, might be worth a look. Flexi tubs are come in lots of colours/sizes and cheap,you could use them for planters.Lots of solar lights,pretty and suitable for outdoors.

  5. Bethan Axford

    I second painting the floor and how about a woven plastic mat instead of a rug. You can get really cool ones from North Africa in crazy colours and patterns. And then some seating and go crazy with the plants.

    A more involved thing but if you’re going to keep it for a couple of years might be worth it painting the weird brown frames black. It would be cheap, and I think it would really help it look a lot better, although it would be time consuming.

  6. Louise

    Paint the floor! How about white , then use a variety of round objects to draw around as templates ( mugs, saucepan lids ) and paint them in different colours. How about solar powered hanging lights, you can Get festoon ones that look like light bulbs. Have a look in B&Q for some self adhesive hooks that you can stick to anything to hang them from.

  7. Paint the floor (I’d go dark green, make it feel jungle-y) and make a plastic rag rug from old carrier bags. You can pick up those peacock chairs for peanuts on eBay, and they spray paint beautifully if they’re a bit mouldy (gold throne, maybe)! Or maybe go for a bit of a Tiki theme… embrace the retro tackiness and put a bar in there? Any which way, have fun with it!


    Ps. Try windscreen repair gel for broken/leaking glass panes.


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