Rock n Renovation: The Plans

Thank you for all your enthusiasm about this new series! My Instagram especially has BLOWN up ever since I started posting about the house and I don’t think I’ve ever had as many messages as I did when I asked if I should start blogging about the renovation.

Today I thought I’d talk you through our overall plans for the house.  Obviously there’s about a billion decor things I want to do (rainbow front door, pink sofa, fabulous wallpaper), but this post is about the more major plans. Build in 1906, it’s pretty damn old, and our survey brought up quite a few things that needed fixing immediately. Namely the joists on the ground floor that all need replacing (most of them are quite rotten) and the sagging lintel above the bay window in the snug which is making it look like it’s about to detach from the house. There are two slightly terrifying cracks next to it, one on either side. FUN!

We’ve already rewired downstairs, and the electrician who came to install the new consumer unit and smoke detectors said our upstairs wiring is actually really good. We’ll still replace it as it is old but its good to know that it’s not urgent.

We’ve also had some drain problems since we moved in. A few weeks ago there was a massive storm and the garage flooded, ARGH! Luckily we didn’t lose anything important, but its just another big job that Gareth now needs to figure out!

The ground floor

Apart from the things I’ve mentioned above our main plans for the ground floor are:

Knock a door (or maybe the entire wall) through from the dining room to the kitchen.

I really want to replace the window in the dining room with patio doors, but Gareth isn’t convinced because…

 Eventually we want to get rid of the lean to and extend out the back and create a huge kitchen/ diner. As you can see the kitchen is pretty small for the size of the house which isn’t ideal. We are planning to rip out and redo the current kitchen (on the cheap) as soon as because it’s incredibly ugly and badly laid out. In all honestly, I don’t think we’ll be able to afford any major building work for a good few years but there’s no way I can live with the kitchen as it is for longer then a few months (fingers crossed!)

Seriously, WTF

Get rid of the avocado bathroom under the stairs, replace with just a loo and knock through to the garage so we can access it from the house.

  Re-do the driveway, generally tidy up and repaint outside. Get into gardening.

The first floor

The upstairs actually suits us fine right now. Our bedroom is bedroom 2, bedroom 1 is my office and bedroom 3 is Gareth’s office/ the guest room. While nothing immediately needs doing, down the line we will probably…

Rip out the bathroom suite, knock though to the enormous airing/ storage cupboard (which has the boiler in) and replace with something fabulous… Maybe a wet room? His n hers sinks are a must.

The house actually has planning permission already for a huge extension (the downstairs of which I mentioned above) but also to knock down the garage and replace with another reception room and two bedrooms with en-suites above! As we’re not planning to have children we don’t really think we’ll ever need five bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus we really need the garage for storage (those magazines sure do take up a lot of space). We would like to build a new garage (as the current one leaks ha!) and put one big master bedroom and bathroom above it!

So there we have it, not too much work then (LOL!) and I haven’t even mentioned the photo studio I want to be built down the end of the garden one day..! As I’m sure you can imagine I’m desperate to start picking paint colours and order fun things like floor tiles and furniture but I must be patient.

It’s really funny, because people keep saying to us “Oh it’ll be so nice when it’s done” and yes it will, but we honestly think it’s already so nice! Yes, its a bit rough around the edges and could do with some love and TLC but it’s not desperately unlivable.

OK back to stripping wallpaper I go… Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Laura

    I have such house envy. I can totally empathise with the old house = rotten floor problems, we had this when we bought our house and had to replace a load of joists and floorboards. Also, we found we had polystyrene on the walls too, we took it off and the next winter we realised it had actually been doing a good job of insulating the walls so ended up replacing it next time we decorated, oops.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do next

  2. Jen

    I agree the house is beautiful already! So many lovely old features.
    I’m Currently looking for my own renovation and found the most amazing 1920s house that could have been amazing but I’ve not sold my house yet so not able to put in a serious offer:torturous!!!
    Have you considered keeping the avocado bathroom suite and making a feature out of it? I really do think that 60s bathroom suites could look really cool with the right tiles/ wallpaper…

  3. Jessie J

    I love following your stories and reading about your house. 2 years ago we bought a house built in the 1920s. The previous owner rooted it apart to renovate but then died before he could start putting it back together. The bathtub was in the bedroom. We were falling through the kitchen floor. It was really bad. The kitchen had no cupboards, no sink. It was just an empty room. The bathroom had a toilet but no sink, no flooring. There was a giant hole in the floor to lead to the basement but no railing. We had to rip out and rebuild the kitchen floor, buy a whole new kitchen, rebuild the bathroom. Paint all the rooms frame out all the windows.frame out the closets and doorways. Refinish all the floors. Redo all the plumbing abs most of the electric. 2 years later and I still don’t have a bedroom door or bathroom door. Haha. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s also been an awesome experience. We love our home even if it still is a work in progress.

  4. Laura

    Absolutely love your insta feed about the house renovation! We’ve just bought a 100 year old house and watching you tackle the hard jobs has made me feel less worried about the big job! As we all know, it’ll be worth it in the end! Will keep watching to see your progress – good luck! 😊

  5. Post author

    Jen – haha i do kinda love the avocado, but the downstairs bathroom currently has a bath in it which is kinda weird. we dont need a downstairs bath, plus the loo doesnt really work that well so it all has to go. I could sell it to you? haha

  6. You and I are living the same experience at the moment. I currently have half a kitchen. There is crap everywhere and every job we touch takes double the time than we first thought and triple the money! But it is an amazing feeling of putting your own stamp on a place that hasn’t been shown any live in years.

  7. Missa

    I love it Kat! be proud of yourself. I’m an architect: so so many people don’t appreciate the value of older buildings, you have no idea! and my heart breaks a little every time…

  8. Post author

    Me too Missa! The old owner (a developer) was going to knock it down and build FLATS! UGH! I like to think we saved the house ha!


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