OMEDELBAR from IKEA: Gothic Meets Hollywood Glamour for your Home!

March 1, 2018

There are two great life lessons I’ve learnt since embarking on our renovation project: Everything will take 1716 times longer than you hoped it would, and IKEA is basically brilliant. OK so I knew the latter already, but when you have people coming around for your first attempt at hosting Christmas Eve and you realise that morning that you haven’t got enough chairs for everyone… Well let’s just say I thank those Swedish home gods everyday that they decided to open a branch in Reading.

The thing is about IKEA though… Yes it’s affordable, yes they have every homeware basic you might possibly need to buy and hell yes their meatballs are inexplicably delicious, but a lot of it is a bit to simple, design-wise for my eclectic tastes.

But this has all changed with the introduction of the brand new OMEDELBAR range. The collection is described as a hybrid between goth and Hollywood glamour and as you can probably imagine I am all about that!

Created in collaboration with Bea Åkerlund, one of Sweden’s most sought-after stylists and costume designers who’s worked with the likes of Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Britney Spears, this 35-piece limited-edition collection includes everything a fashionista needs to show off their finest clothes and accessories.

The range, which launches this month, includes a leopard print rug, lip-shaped cushions and a super cool clear glass top hat vase. There’s black and white striped curtains and matching wallpaper as well as a giant gold clock, a bowl that looks like a crown, black lampshades with gold lining and the coolest faux leather armchair I’ve ever seen! With it’s black, red, white and gold colour scheme, this collection is definitely aimed at us babes who like to be daring with our home decor.

This chair is just the living end! I was worried when I ordered it that it might be a little big, but no, it is literally the most perfectly sized occasional chair.

The faux leather black fabric makes it super pet hair friendly (I have Maine Coons, I gotta think about these things!) and the design is really fun and, in parts, unexpected. I adore the curved legs, the stud detail and the corseted back! And as soon as I saw this lips pillow I KNEW I had to have one to put on the chair. It comes in two sizes, and this is the smaller version. I mean, how bloomin’ cute!?

A leopard print rug might not be my usual first choice, but I’m not gonna lie, I’m now kind of obsessed with it. I had planned to put it in my office somewhere… but, no word of a lie, as soon as it arrived Gareth claimed it for his! That man never fails to surprise me. I wouldn’t ever have put him down as a leopard print rug kinda guy, but there you go!

Check out Henry doing his best come hither impression… You’re welcome,

As our house doesn’t have built-in wardrobes in it we’ve been using clothing racks ever since we moved in (which also came from IKEA) but I replaced the one in my office damn quick when I spotted this gold version. SO EPIC. It’s much more robust and sturdy than the other ones we have and comes complete with a shoe rack… which I definitely needed. Now my clothes and shoes look like they’re on display, rather than just being a bit of a jumble shoved in the corner of the room.

Finally, I just couldn’t resist these drinking glasses with Bea’s crimson lipstick kiss on them.  And at just £3 a pair, how can you ever go wrong!?

You can see the full OMEDELBAR collection over on the IKEA website and it’s available to buy in stores right now!

Shop the Collection:

Armchair: £225

Cushion: £9

Rug: £45

Clothes Rack: £119

Glasses: £3

Which is your favourite piece?