Rock n Renovation Homewear Haul: Things I’ve Bought & Things I Want!

September 24, 2017

Shell de Mar Photography

Things have been moving very slowwwwwly for the past few weeks. I have a pathological need to always be doing something productive, so it’s been quite frustrating to not feel like we’ve made any progress. But I keep telling myself that a) we’re really, really busy with work stuff right now and b) there is literally no rush. We are perfectly happy with the house as it is (although it’s a little rough around the edges!) and we’re going to be here FOREVER. I also know that if we got everything done really quickly, in five years time I’d want to change it all again anyway!

So I don’t really have any proper updates or developments for you this week so instead I thought I’d focus on something fun – SHOPPING.

I am suddenly OBSESSED with all things interiors. Our old place was so small that even though I wanted to fill it with knick knacks, trinkets and about 76 pink chairs, it was an impossibility (which made my husband very happy – ha!) But, sorry Gareth, now we have space to spare I am on a mission to buy All. The. Pretty. Things.

And because sharing is caring, here are some things I’ve bought for the house recently.

Copper Pans: Lakeland, from £63.99.

I’ve been dreaming about owning copper pans forever and these were the best priced (for really good quality) that I found. We got the 16 and 20 inch saucepans and we also plan to get the frying pan and stockpot when funds allow. The only thing is, they do tarnish with heat. I quite like the patina of an over-used copper pot, but if anyone has any tips on how to polish them up to keep them looking their best please let me know!

Storage Pots: Zoella Lifestyle, £6 each.

I might not be her target audience, but I actually love watching Zoella’s videos, and when she launched her new lifestyle range these immediately spoke to me! I actually use mine as mini plant pots and I have them sat beside my desk. They are super cute and at only £6 each you really can’t go wrong.

Pink Sand, Rose Quartz and Pastel Waves Art Prints: Society 6, from £19.

My office is coming along really nicely (just a sofabed, big mirror, neon sign and rug to go!) but the walls are very WHITE. I needed something to brighten them up and so many of you recommended Society 6 that I went and checked them out. The prices are really affordable for unframed prints (I’ll buy some simple frames from IKEA) and I love the mix of different, independent artists.

Candlestick: IKEA, £10.

A neon pink candlestick! I mean, this one doesn’t really need much explanation does it?

Sheepskin Rug: IKEA, £30.

This is one of the first things I picked up when we moved in. We currently don’t have any carpets and although they look lovely, I’m not a massive fan of the coldness of wooden floors. I bought this to put right by my side of the bed so my toes have something soft underfoot when I first get up in the morning.

Pink Sofabed: DFS, £859.

OK so I haven’t actually bought this yet, but I’m about to! After lusting over many others more than three times the price (Loaf I love you but my bank balance does not), I found this one at DFS! I love the modern chesterfield style and the baby pink will be perfect in my office. It’ll be a good place for the cats to kip during the day and will look super cute to boot. Any ideas what colour cushions I should get to go on it? I know Primark has some really nice, cheap ones in at the moment.

Heart Love Upholstered Bench: Bombay Duck, £225.

Again, I haven’t bought this yet but it’s certainly on my wishlist! Wouldn’t this look so cute at the end of our bed? However I feel like Gareth may need some convincing…

Leopard Rug: Zandra Rhodes, Made-to-Order

“Made-to-Order” roughly translated as “definitely out of my price range.” But, holy shit, how freakin’ RAD is this leopard rug by Zandra Rhodes for Floor Story? A girl can dream I suppose…

So that’s it! Have you bought, or seen, anything cute for your house recently that you think I’d like? I’d love to find some more unique pieces to add to my want list!

If you’re doing renovations too and they’re not moving along as fast as you might like, I just wanted to remind you that THAT’S OK. It’s not a race, you’ll get there in the end and isn’t finding and buying all the dressings for your new rooms the most fun anyway?