A Secret Wedding with Good Food, Tattooing & Nexflix!

The Struths

September 8, 2017

When a bride and groom meet at a tattoo studio, you just know that’s going to become part of their wedding too! Sadie and Ped met when she booked him to do her first big tattoo. They were married in March and wanted their wedding to be like their best day out out together. That meant a ceremony with just the two of them, good food and getting inked!  

”We just planned on having a relaxed day,” said Sadie. “We didn’t have a theme or any expectations of the day except that we would each end up married to our best friend! No-one knew we were planning on getting married, we kept the whole day a secret! We had no guests. The day was the ceremony followed by a pit stop at a tattoo studio. We were back at our hotel by 2pm in bed with food and Netflix! We then went out to eat in the evening, wearing our normal clothes and it just being our little secret we got married less than 10 hours earlier. it felt really special.”

“Originally we felt we needed family, friends and everyone there to help us celebrate but luckily we realised in the nick of time all we needed to marry our best friend…was our best friend. Our favourite part was probably strangely walking through the city centre and hearing all the well wishes from shoppers and passers by!”

Sadie actually had to make a last minute outfit change before the day. “My dress and petticoat were bought on whim buy off the internet as I also had a secret pregnant bump and the original dress I had chosen wouldn’t fit! My shoes were a bargain from trusty New Look and my headdress and bracelet were made by Victoria Walker Boutique who I first met when I delivered her baby a couple of years back!”

“We spent the most money on our photographers, but I’m sure you will agree they were worth every penny and more! We saved loads by not having any guests. No large reception or bar costs!”

For them, the best thing about wedding planning was the freedom to do whatever they wanted, the way they wanted! “The best thing about planning our wedding was it being our choice on what we did without everyone else’s opinions and ‘ideas’ about what we should do for our day!” she said. “The worst thing was me not knowing the area, but luckily we trusted Kimmy (our Photographer) 100% to recommend somewhere that suited us as a couple for photos and she did just perfect!”

”Our advice for future brides and grooms is make your wedding your day, don’t try to please people and remember the reason why you are marrying your partner. As long as you get that piece of paper and the promises are made nothing else really matters! We wouldn’t do anything differently. Not one little bit!”