Skateboarding & Tattoo-Inspired Wedding in Barcelona

Keisy and Rocky

August 8, 2017

Marta and Eider wanted their wedding to be different to the traditional Spanish wedding. Married in Barcelona, this pair are wedding videographers by trade so they knew exactly what they did and did not want for their own big day. They wanted a day which expressed their happiness, and were inspired by tattoos and the passion they both share for skateboarding and longboarding.

“It was the best day of our lives, a lot of partying and good times,” they began. “The ceremony was incredible, our best friend Sonia is the best officiant ever! We cried, we laughed, everyone was so happy… it was very emotional.”

They hired a house which they shared with all their friends for the weekend. “We spent all the weekend with our friends at the rural house we hired. We were all together drinking and swimming in the pool. It was so great to have the space to share, especially as the day before the wedding it rained a lot!”

One of the coolest things about this wedding was that not only did the couple get tattoos on the day, but some of their guests did too – yes real ones! “We designed tattoos and had a real tattoo artist at the wedding,” they explained. “25 of our guests got the tattoos done right there in the moment on our wedding day!”

They had such a great time that they couldn’t choose one favourite part of their wedding, “All the parts were incredible. The whole weekend was funny and there was a lot of partying so we were soooo happy.”

“Our biggest expenses were definitely the caterers and decoration. But we loved planning all the décor, and all the wedding planning actually! The illusion of all, the decoration planning, the dresses…it was all so magical!”

“Our advice for future couples is to relax in the moments before the ceremony and enjoy every second and the people around you.”