Rock n Renovation: The Instagram Obsessions

August 13, 2017

Laurie Lee via The Pink House

This week I was going to write about drains. Yes, drains. And then I realised how fucking boring that would be so I checked myself and went on an Instagram binge instead.

If anyone is interest in said drain problems the (very short) version is that the drains at the front of the house are blocked (we’re not sure with what yet but Gareth suspects its roots from some of our trees) meaning the garage and driveway flooded pretty badly a few weeks ago. FUN!

Anyway, instead of making you switch off faster than when an episode of Songs of Praise comes on TV, I thought instead I’d share some of the interior bloggers/ instagramers that I’ve become obsessed with since we started this project. Interiors blogging is a whole new world for me. It’s exciting to be discovering new people to follow!

Pink House Living

Emily was one of the first interiors people I started following on Instagram and I love her colourful feed and reading her weekly blog. She and her family have just moved to London from Edinburgh so it’ll be great to follow along as she renovates a new house at the same time as us!

Lisa Dawson

I want to be friends with Lisa Dawson. Her style is colourful and over the top, and her posts are funny but also super informative. I’ve learnt a lot about colour, pattern and being brave enough to hang your own wallpaper from her already. She posts on her blog every Sunday too and I look forward to reading them every week (first thing in the morning while still in bed of course).

Come Down to the Woods

Can you say HOME GOALS? A dark blue living room with hot pink chairs and a neon sign…. Palm print and pink wallpaper… A freakin’ pink bathtub!? I think it’s safe to say that Katie’s house (which they’ve renovated top to bottom) is everything I dream about and more.


When it comes to decor ideas, Gareth and I rarely agree. However one of the things we both love equally, is the idea of painting the snug a dark, dark grey. Nadia’s home is ALL dark grey, and although we’d never go all-out like she has, I am OBSESSED with her feed. As a teenager I always wanted, but was never allowed, a black bedroom. Now I will live out a 16 year old’s fantasy by finally doing it. Knowing how to dress and accessorise a room like that is tricky though and this feed has really been helping me visualise it. All the green plants! Gallery walls! Textured accessories! Lots of lamps and string lights!

So excited to do this OMG.

Elsie Larson

I’m sure you know who Elsie is already as her blog. A Beautiful Mess, is one of the biggest on the entire internet. While her interiors style may be a bit more mid century modern than my own, I LOVE her use of white walls with pops of colour (and plenty of pink!)

Home Girl PDX

Sara definitely needs to have more followers! I discovered her account on my Explore only the other day and that pink velvet sofa and pink front door caught my eye immediately. I thought having just the INSIDE of the front door painted in my favourite colour was the perfect compromise for my pink front door hating husband… but alas I was still shot down when I suggested the idea. Fuckssake.

You’ll see from these that my inspiration is quite eclectic at the moment. I love bright colours and patterns, but I can also appreciate a really dark, dark room. In our old house all the walls were was painted white so I think I’ll always be drawn to this alongside pops of colour in the furniture and accessorises.

The really fun part will be combining these influences to create our own, unique style because obviously I don’t just want to copy someone else’s aesthetic! I’ll be honest, the real hurdle is getting Gareth on board with my ideas. As I said, a pink front door has been absolutely and categorically denied (wahhhh!) but I have brought him round to my way of thinking for marble worktops in the kitchen and a ridiculously large and probably slightly ostentatious chandelier half way up the stairs. Little victories, hey!?

Who’s interior style do you love? I’m always looking for new accounts to follow so do share some of your favourites with me!