Medieval & Metal Fairytale Wedding

Cari Courtright Photography

August 25, 2017

Kellie and Andy met at a metal gig and both love the aesthetic of all things medieval. Needless to say, when it came to planning their February wedding, the theme was easy!

“Our inspiration was King Arthur, medieval, alchemy/ magic, wizards, princes and princesses”, said Kellie. “Andy is also a big craft beer guy, so when he decided he wanted his favourite beer at the wedding, we crafted an elaborate plan to get enough bottles. His favourite beer is Parabola from Firestone Walker and it is only released once a year and there is usually a limit of buying one or two bottles at a time… So we rounded up a bunch of friends and road-tripped to the brewery so we could buy as many as we could on top of buying bottles when we or friends found them in local stores!”

Instead of a traditional dress, the bride wore a sheer cloak in place of a veil with a medieval inspired dress made by Firefly Path. “I think my favourite part of the wedding was just being dressed up with my favourite people having a party in a ‘castle’,” she explained. “The whole immersive feel of everything really transported me into my fantasies and it truly felt as amazing as a dream. The thing that we spent the biggest lump sum on was definitely my dress and cloak veil. I got them completely custom designed and made and I think it was the best thing that I could have done. Firefly Path was absolutely amazing and their work is impeccable. They fleshed out my vision and brought it to life!”

Although they didn’t do any massive DIY projects, a lot of the decor was put together by the bride. “I dried all the flowers for the centrepieces. Andy and I also scoured antique and thrift stores for the old books and metalware that was the bulk of all our décor. I even specifically melted a candle and used another burning candle for wax drips for a brass candle holder we found. I replaced all the buttons on Andy’s suit and sewed my own clip-in hair extensions since I couldn’t find any long enough to match with my hair!”

“We gave our bridal party drinking horns as a thank you and they helped decorate our head table in their Mjolnir stands. We met at a metal gig so we also stuck true to us and played selections of metal songs at the end of the reception – some Korpiklaani, Suicide Silence, Ghost and Gloryhammer to name a few.”

“The best thing about planning the wedding was honestly all the shopping that I got to do!” she concluded. “Almost everything that I bought for the wedding I already had ideas for what I would use it for afterwards as well! It allowed me to splurge, but could still justify my spending.”