Colourful Bridal Shoot Inspired by Rock n Roll Bride!

I’m not usually one to get persuaded by flattery, but when a photographer Isabel Sacher emailed me to tell me that this bridal photo shoot was 100% inspired by Rock n Roll Bride, well, I had to check it out! It’s pretty mad to think that this little blog I started in secret ten years ago is now inspiring someone living in a completely different country to create an alternative bridal shoot!

“The inspiration for this shoot was honestly, Kat’s hair!” wrote Isabel. “I always adored her hair, because I used to have coloured hair in earlier days as well. I wanted to create something truly bold. For such a long time I had these fragments in my mind of a bride wearing a combination of a tulle skirt and a leather jacket and on the other side those colour shades of blue and pink I wanted to involve.”

“I truly believe that we should be bold and daring in order to live a meaningful life, we should go for colours and statements, for surprises and for everything that makes us smile, everything that makes us feel alive. When I found Nives on Instagram I couldn’t resist asking her to model for me. Suddenly all these bits of inspiration came together and formed a vision I was uber-excited about.”

“With the tulle skirt and shirt, the edgy bride still has a classy combination that gets fired up by her hair colour, the rockstar makeup and the colourful background in Zurich.”

“Rock n Roll Bride is about daring to be you and to create something unique and lasting and that’s what I wanted to do with this shoot. I want to inspire people to go ALL IN for colours and I want to show that it doesn’t take a great effort or fortune spent on fancy details to create something that truly fits your personality and taste. There are no rules. But only one thing that is crucial: vendors that share your vision. Don’t settle with the plain vanilla wedding that everyone else has!”



  1. Becca

    I’ll definitely be arriving to my wedding in my leather jacket! Love thus shoot x

  2. Jenny

    Until recently, I had the same hair dye, but with time the coloring is too time-consuming. But when I see the pictures, I regret that I have not left them and waited until my wedding in October. Great shots! 🙂


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