Secret Meadow Wedding in Slovenia with the Bride in Pink

That Happy Day

May 12, 2017

Petra and Marijan wanted their wedding to be simple, with a vintage theme, and to be out in nature. They also organised and made everything for the wedding themselves.

“I was building ideas and getting inspiration from Pinterest for a year before the wedding,” began Petra. “However, once we started actually planning the wedding properly it all happened so fast with no delays; we made and organised everything in just two months!”

Their budget was €7000 and the couple did a lot of DIY projects for their wedding. “We made everything by ourselves and we also decorated everything the day before the wedding, which included the entire reception venue and outside where the ceremony took part. The whole of our wedding day was awesome so our entire wedding was our favourite part!”

The couple were married in the Church of Saint Lenart in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Afterwards they had an outdoor blessing at the reception, which was held in a secret meadow nearby. “The worst thing about planning our wedding was searching for our venue. At first we wanted a location which was a little bit further away and more out in the nature, but in the end the location turned out to be just perfect. There was a lot of adjusting and adapting to different situations as they came up. However, in retrospect, there was nothing we would have done differently. We would do everything again just the way it was.”