Vibrant Mexican Inspired Wedding Ideas

Dekker Photography

December 11, 2016


Inspired by the rich hand-crafted details that are so abundant in Sayulita, Mexico, Dekker Photography partnered with local wedding planners Sayulita Dream Weddings to create this vibrant beach picnic elopement shoot. Their starting off point was the incredible dress that their ‘bride’ wore and OMG I don’t know about you but I NEED one!


“I approached Sayulita Dream Weddings with the idea for a shoot based around the gorgeous hand-embroidered gowns from Sayulita’s famous Pachamama boutique“, explained Photographer Beth. “The idea grew from there. We wanted a vibrant, rich colour palette with many hand-crafted details.”


“The dreamcatchers, also from Pachamama, were the perfect backdrop for our beach/jungle setting. We also had hand-stitched blankets, bespoke pillows and beach bags. For the flowers we incorporates gilded feathers, jewel-toned wild blooms, and luxe textures and colours throughout.”


“We want this shoot to really show off the amazing colours and textures that are so prevalent in Mexico. It was great to work with some amazing local vendors to create something outside of the box as well as get everybody involved.”