Colourful Patchwork Wedding Inspiration

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Always wanting to do a wedding inspiration shoot with a difference, photographer Sharon Cooper finally found her mojo when she came up with this hotch-potch and patchwork theme. “I wanted to do something that packed a punch and used a range of uplifting colours”, she explained, “an alternative to weddings which have one single colour theme. This shoot embodies pleasing mixed colours and offers a smorgasbord of individualism. I found myself loving patchwork and texture and colour.”

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The chair by designer Kelly Swallow really was the staring point for this shoot. From there she had button bouquets made, stationery with an scrapbook vibe and dresses that push bridal boundaries. “I wanted to showcase my work and things I loved”, she concluded. “I’m really happy with how the shoot turned out.  I wanted to show brides that by letting go of that idea of one limiting colour shade, they can select elements they love that still work together and add a contrast to their amazing choice of wedding gown.”

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  1. Bex

    Love!! I won’t be happy unless it looks like a unicorn puked rainbows on our wedding. White, cream etc is banned lol. 🙂

  2. I love fitting my work around my home life so It was such fun to have the photo shoot in my back garden. I just about managed to stop my partner from cutting back the wild flowers in the preceeding week as I wanted the garden to be wild, colourful and beautiful to reflect the colours in the patchwork. The button bouquets and cakes worked perfectly and the models Zara & Reece were so charming and don’t they look stunning! Lovely work Sharon

  3. Massive thanks for featuring this Kat. Loved the teamwork and results that we achieved. Zara and Reece were fabulous to work with here and they just loved all the styling and surrounding elements. Big thanks to the whole team.

  4. Rafaela Turiani

    Omg, this hair <333
    I need to do it in mine too!
    The dress is beautiful! It is very simple and nifty at the same time! Congratz! xx


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