Travel, Culture and Love Wedding… with a Lost Boys Cake!

Andy Gaines

October 31, 2016


Ru and Matt’s wedding perfectly reflected them. The bride wore a striking Jenny Packham dress with messy, boho hair and they both had their tattoos proudly on display! Their epic cake played homage to their favourite 80s movie, Lost Boys, and they used lots of deep colours in the flowers and decor to show their love of all things Moroccan.


“Our wedding was very music-orientated”, said Ru, “we were also influenced by travel mostly, colour, Morocco, Thailand, elephants and boho! One of my favourite things was our cake from Little Cherry Cake Company. We didn’t want everything to be serious. We also had a Game of Thrones themed card box which I made.”


“Our ceremony was beautiful. I walked down the aisle to Vide Cor meum from the movie Hannibal! After ceremony we exited to Free Bird by Lynard Skynard and our first dance was to As the World goes Round By David Bowie from Labyrinth. We also had 15 minutes of Bowie in the evening as we are big fans!”


“My advice to other couples would be to not let the build up to the event stress you out so much. At the end of the day everything falls into place so just enjoy every minute!”




  1. wow! What an absolutely amazing wedding! I love everything about it! I totally want to get married again now!

    Hats off for organising the whole thing in 6
    Months with a newborn! It looks amazing what a perfect little family, wishing them all the happiness in
    The world 🙂

  2. Ruth C.

    Outstanding! I laughed when I read about the new addiction to collecting toy cars and was thrilled to see that the photographer took a photo of the couple through the back window of the (real) car. Back in the ’50s, shots like that were very popular. Kudos!

  3. Helen Wakefield

    Those flowers are lovely! I would like to do something similar for my wedding, but I don’t really know where to start with making them myself?! xx

  4. I would like to know how I can get the record with the car for center pieces for Renwal of wedding for 19 tables and how much date is july29,2017

  5. Shannon Morton

    I love your theme! How did you stand the records up on the table centerpieces? Thanks!


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