Love’s Highway: Eloping in the Desert


The desert is one of my favourite places. It wasn’t always (dusty, dry, hot..!), but after visiting Nevada four or five times now, I’ve finally succumbed to it’s charms. It’s just so enormous and spectacular! It’s the kind of landscape that you’ll never see anywhere else so is it any surprise then that so many couples opt to drive out there for their wedding shoots?


This wedding inspiration shoot was put together by planner/ stylist Paloma Cruz Eventos. “The idea behind this shoot was a couple eloping in secret”, she explained. “This couple doesn’t follow the rules!”


I mean, damn…


I love love love these photos and the accompanying video. I think you all will too!

Supporting Cast


  1. Nic Costa

    Where is this amazing leather jacket from? Im getting married soon and really want to wear a white leather jacket.


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