Ice Chapel Elopement on Christmas Day

Hylsy Productions

July 18, 2016

Lapland Wedding in an Ice Chapel (18)

It might be the middle of summer, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to share this elopement with you all today – it’s just too beautiful not to! Natalie and Andrew were married on Christmas day in Lapland!!

The ceremony took place in the Luvattumaa Ice Gallery. “I love Christmas and we both love adventures!” explained the bride. “We chose to elope on 25th December in an ice chapel and we arriving by reindeer sleigh! The ceremony was officiated by a local registrar who was wearing a traditional gown. I entered down some stairs, and walked through an ice tunnel to get to the altar, which was made of carved ice.”

Lapland Wedding in an Ice Chapel (25)

After the ceremony they went for a meal at a local restaurant. “A funny moment was just after we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress accidentally spilt a whole glass of champagne on my dress! I was fine about it (my dress was vintage and only cost £52!) and it didn’t leave a mark, but the poor waitress was mortified and wouldn’t accept that we were OK with it so insisted on giving us a free bottle of champagne and her details in case it needed dry cleaning!”

Lapland Wedding in an Ice Chapel (12)

“Another cute moment was when a little girl wanted a photo with me as she thought I was a princess. After our meal we went to an Irish bar where a chap who looked like he was off duty Santa Claus also wanted a picture, possibly for the same reason!”

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“The biggest expense was getting over to Lapland. We spend around £5000 on the flights, accommodation, the holiday and the wedding. It was really fun arranging things to do on the trip like husky sledding, a one horse open sleigh ride on Christmas eve, ice fishing, snow shoeing and of course the snow mobile trip to meet the real Santa! However it just been the two of us meant there wasn’t any reception costs like catering, bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, a band etc.”

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