Super Cool Las Vegas Elopement

Briana Morrison

June 28, 2016


Eleanor and Youssef eloped in Vegas, just the two of them and their photographer, Briana Morrison. They didn’t have a reception but they went for dinner at the Picasso and the went to
see Cirque Du Soleil ‘O’ in the evening followed by cocktails at the Bank night club before going back to their suite.

“I didn’t know anything about wedding planning before we began and I don’t really know anything about it now!”, the bride laughed. “The inspiration for our wedding was to just get dressed up and have fun. Obviously there wasn’t really a theme, unless you count not inviting anyone and doing whatever we wanted all day!”


The bride’s amazing dress was vintage and from the 1930s. “It was gold Lamé and I bought it from Elizabeth Avey in London. My shoes were gold YSL ‘Tribute’ sandles.”

“There were five people at the ceremony – Youssef and myself, the Pastor, Ruby (the wedding planner at the Bellagio), and the hotel photographer who acted as our witness. I walked down the aisle to Kiss From a Rose by Seal, we said our vows (laughing throughout) and walked out together with Viva Las Vegas as our exit song. After the ceremony we had a few hours before we were due to meet Briana for the photo shoot so we went to the lobby bar in our hotel where we met couple from Texas who has been married 25 years before on the same day. They had also eloped and we shared a bottle of champagne with them and they told us about their marriage and their children.”


“The whole day was wonderful, from breakfast brought to our suite to the watching Cirque in
wedding attire. It was fun and hilarious and chilled out… We didn’t have to worry about anything we just did what ever we wanted to do next!”


“The best thing about planning an elopement is having a MASSIVE secret that you’re really excited about but can only talk about with each other. The worst part was choosing and purchasing a wedding dress without being able to ask anyone else’s opinion! However there is nothing we’d change about our wedding. If anyone is thinking about eloping but is worried about upsetting people; In my experience, everyone will respond fantastically to an elopement. It will surprise you how cool everyone is about it, as long as you’re happy with your wedding, everyone else will be too.”