When Your Heart Explodes With Love: Issue 9 Sneak Peek & Advertising Deadline

June 6, 2016

rocknrollbride magazine issue 9 sneak peeks (9)

Head designer of Rock n Roll Bride magazine, Shauna of We are Branch, just sent me through the first round of layouts for the new issue of Rock n Roll Bride magazine and I am dying. Glitter fonts and drop caps? Yes, yes, so much yes!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to not only share a few sneaks with you (I just can’t keep them to myself) but to also let any of you with wedding businesses know that the deadline for advertisement bookings for this issue is THIS FRIDAY (10th).

If you are passionately running your alternative wedding business but struggling to get the clients you really want, then Rock n Roll Bride magazine can help!

rocknrollbride magazine issue 9 sneak peeks (11)

It’s all very well and good me telling you how ace the magazine is, but I decided to ask the members of the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook group what they really thought of it. Their comments have made my heart explode with love and pride.

“I was struggling with wedding planning, every magazine had the same old stuff in and it just wasn’t ‘us’. We needed something where it was OK to be different and quirky at your wedding at that is exactly what the Rock n Roll Bride magazine is! My fella even reads it, and he loves how it’s much more relatable to us and what we want at our wedding. We love the ideas and all of the different styles!” – Claire

“Besides having gorgeous content with drool-worthy graphics and page layouts, Rock n Roll Bride magazine has helped my self esteem. I see so many gorgeous brides of different shapes and sizes and I now see that losing tonnes of weight for my wedding should not be what I am focusing on! I adore the body positivity, and its helped me to grow and become more body positive myself. Besides this, it has helped me to become so much more relaxed about wedding planning and to enjoy it rather than to stress! I do think its one of the realest, most down to Earth and beautiful wedding magazines around!” – Charlotte

“An important part of planning our wedding was to use independent artists and retailers to provide us with those bits that make your wedding a little bit different. Rock n Roll Bride has not only inspiration for how to make things yourself, but includes many independent business owners who are living out their dream and put their heart and soul into everything they create. Without the magazine (and Facebook group) I wouldn’t have found most of the people involved in making our wedding super unique!” – Chrissie

rocknrollbride magazine issue 9 sneak peeks (5)

“Rock n Roll Bride has been essential in planning our wedding. Me and my partner are the complete opposite of ‘contemporary’ and when I heard of this magazine our prayers had been answered! We’ve managed to have the wedding we want from inspiration from REAL weddings that are in the magazine and on the blog. I’ve got every copy and when I’m stuck on an idea it’s my first port of call. Honestly, Kat, we as your readers are forever in your debt for giving us the stepping stones in empowering ourselves to have the wedding WE WANT.” – Yasmin

“Rock n Roll Bride is the only magazine that encourages couples to be authentic and really think about what is truly important to them and their marriage. Its a message of hope, and a fantastic community of people supporting one another. The diversity and the realness of each article and each feature really gives me and many others so much hope. Hands down the very best thing to read when planning your big day.” – Amie

“Rock n Roll Bride is a magazine that really captures the diversity of brides (and grooms) today. There are so many ideas that you just wouldn’t find in any other magazine. Rock n Roll Bride showed us that you don’t have to settle for what is popular, traditional or ‘normal’ and if want something uniquely you, you can always do it yourself.” – David

“I love that the weddings are achievable! You read about all these amazing individual weddings and feel really inspired. So many different ideas from all different types of people. I found my caterers from a feature in Rock n Roll Bride too!” – Charlene

rocknrollbride magazine issue 9 sneak peeks (7)

“Rock n Roll Bride doesn’t mould you into the stereotypical bride that’s thrown out there by the media and most bridal magazines. It helps you break the mould, embrace yourself and show you that the best parts of you will make your wedding day fabulous. There’s so many pressures in this world and so many people saying that we need to certain things to fit in but with Rock n Roll Bride, there are no pressures, just support and respect and love for individuality.” – Nikki

“This is the only bridal magazine I’ve ever bought and it’s been essential in helping me plan my wedding! If it wasn’t for this magazine I wouldn’t have found my photographer and probably wouldn’t have had half the batshit crazy ideas that are going to go on at my wedding so THANK YOU!!!” – Sally

“Rock n Roll Bride saved me from a traditional wedding! When we first got engaged, both sets of parents kept telling us what they wanted for us. Initially my mum was quite reluctant about a number of my more alternative ideas but showing her the magazine meant that she could envisage how it would work (especially with mismatched bridesmaid dresses – shock horror!) Now, whenever my mum comes over, she has a nosy through the magazine and suggests things even crazier than I would have thought up! Also, through an advert in the mag I found my dress designer and am having a fabulous lilac wedding dress made!” – Nichola

“Rock n Roll Bride is the only bridal mag that didn’t make me want to throw up in my mouth. I love seeing all the amazingly diverse wedding ideas and cute DIY tips.” – Georgina

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This is your opportunity to place your product or service in front of the eyeballs of thousands of alternative wedding loving brides and grooms. Brides and grooms that are desperately and very actively searching for wedding suppliers just like you. Reading my magazine are the customers that you’ve always dreamed about having. So what are you waiting for?!

Getting involved is so easy! Simply get in touch with me personally at kat@rocknrollbride.com and we can chat through the options. Be sure to include a link to your website and let me know a little about who you are and what you do when you email. I am currently taking bookings for issue 9 (July/August) and the deadline is this Friday, 10th June.