Tattoos, Pumpkins and Autumnal Themed Wedding

Sarah Salotti

May 10, 2016

autumnal wedding tattooed bride (27)

Leigh and Ché had an autumnal themed wedding in October. The heavily tattooed pair had pumpkins as décor and lots of lovely autumn colours as their colour scheme.

“Our wedding theme was definitely autumnal”, said the bride. “We chose purple and orange for our main colours, using leaves and pumpkins as decorations. We originally planned on getting married on Halloween, but decided to get married the weekend before so we could keep the pumpkin theme.”

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“We wanted a much more relaxed, party type atmosphere, rather than all the formalities that can come with weddings”, she continued. “We decided not to have children at the wedding, so everyone could relax without having to worry about little eyes and ears. We also chose not to have any speeches, apart from a short one by the groom. We generally wanted to have a relaxed, enjoyable day. We also didn’t like the idea of table numbers, so we chose some of our favourite film titles instead and our top table was just the two of us!”

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The ceremony was short and sweet and held at the same venue as the reception, The City Rooms, Leicester. “Our favourite part of the day was actually getting married. The ceremony was just the best, most enjoyable moment of our lives so far. It was was short, as it was a civil ceremony and we had no additional readings. Our song was You’re so cool by Hanz Zimmer, from the film True Romance (this is our favourite film). Whilst signing the register we had Mint Car and Love Cats by The Cure. During the ceremony, everyone had the giggles as we were both laughing off attempts to hold back the tears (of joy!)”

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The bride wore an incredible dress which she bought three days before the wedding! “On the Sunday before our wedding (six days before) I had a very sudden, complete freak out about my wedding dress”, she explained. “I decided that I just wasn’t happy with it. I’m not sure why, I think it was mostly down to the fact that the dress I had chosen was full length and you couldn’t see my lovely Irregular Choice shoes.”

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“I told my mum, feeling like I was completely losing my mind. She was so supportive and told me that we would go and look the next day to help put my mind at rest. On the Monday morning we went to Bradgate Brides in Anstey and that’s where we found the dress I wore. They were so helpful. I took my friends on the Wednesday to try the dress on again and I left with it that day! Amazingly, it fit me like a glove and needed no alterations at all.”

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“I loved my wedding dress and despite the fact that I bought a new dress three days before my actual wedding day, it just proved to me that the way I was feeling was completely justified and that you should always go with your gut! Ché has now seen both dresses and agrees I made the right choice too.”

“My advice to other couples would be make sure you have fun on your wedding day!” she concluded. “When all is said and done, it’s your day. It’s amazing how much you end up doing for other people, it’s so easy to lose sight of what’s really important.”

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