Intimate and Cosy Wedding at Manchester Town Hall

Haydn Rydings Photography

May 30, 2016

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American Courtney met her British groom met when she went to get tattooed by him! “I was following him on Instagram and I really loved his traditional work and, well, he was English (how dreamy)”, Courtney began. “But being in the US, I didn’t think I’d get an opportunity to ever get tattooed by him.”

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“Then one day, he posted that he’d be coming to the Midwestern states and to email him if you were interested in getting tattooed. I jumped at the chance to get an appointment! When he replied the conversation was very natural and we began texting each other everyday for weeks. Long story short, Rich came over and we spent the whole time together. In that time we decided that in a month, I’d come to visit him in England.”

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For their wedding they wanted something convenient for all their guests, so they opted for Manchester Town Hall. “The location was our most important decision”, she continued. “It was our biggest cost and we wanted it to be somewhere central, historical, easily accessible, meaningful, and gorgeous. The town hall ticked all those boxes.”

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“We also knew that our wedding would be small. A lot of my family in America couldn’t make it over and we limited our guest list to the family and friends closest to us. It was important to us that those that attended felt at home and comfortable, as that’s how we are in our everyday life. I received lots of comments from people leading up to the wedding and on the actual wedding day that I was the calmest bride they had ever seen. And that’s what I was hoping for – a stress free, relaxed but elegant and stylish wedding. In my opinion, we achieved just that.”

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“Our family and friends were great throughout the whole planning process”, she explained. “They were more than happy to help us with anything we needed from them, but we never got any strong opinions squeezing into our business. I also loved that this day was all about Rich and I. I don’t mean that in a narcissistic way, but this really is the one day in our entire life that we are able to share our love with all those that matter to us. It sounds absolutely cheesy, but it honestly was wonderful to have all those warm, fuzzy feelings floating around all day long.”

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