Circus Performer’s Wedding in Chile

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Both circus performers, Rocío and Benjamin they met doing what they love so it was only right that their wedding was also in held in a big top! “I am a trapeze artist and Benjamin is a clown”, the bride said. “So the style of our wedding was quite familiar to us. We all are circus people, very spontaneous and full of laughs.”

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“We were inspired in our roots. At the beginning Benjamin wanted to have the ceremony at a church, but I convinced him to have the ceremony at the circus too. We were born there, we lived our happiness and sorrows there. This is our life, so it made sense to do it all there.”

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“The ceremony was very emotional”, she continued. “Beforehand I was very calm, but when I arrived at the circus I got very nervous! I walked through the site with my uncle, he is like my second father, and when we got to the tent my father was waiting for me. We started to cry while we were walking to the altar and didn’t really stop the whole way through!”

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The wedding budget was around $8,000US. “We saved money on the venue because we held it at our circus. Our biggest cost was feeding everyone because we had a lot of guests.”

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  1. fran

    Monica Muñoz is the BEST wedding photographer here in Chile! I’m so glad I picked her as my photographer!! (we’re getting married in October in one of our country’s stunning beaches). I love seeing her work in this blog 🙂
    This wedding in particular is awesome!! I just love how the idiosyncracy of the Chilean circus’ life comes through this pictures, how in love this couple is, and how they completely love to be circus people 🙂 amazing, amazing, amazing!

  2. Rachel

    These photos are so moving, I have tears in my eyes. I also want to join the circus <3


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