Renew, Get Boozed and Tattooed!

This Rad Love

April 13, 2016

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Tawnee and Luis, high school sweethearts, were married after thirteen years together. Five years later they decided to renew their vows in – where else? – Las Vegas!

“We wanted to take a spin on the traditional, ‘run off to Vegas and elope’ idea,” said Tawnee. “Having been married for five years, we really wanted to renew our vows, update the promises we’d made, create new ones for what lies ahead, and really embrace our love. We are both now in the wedding industry and we see lots of designs and ideas that we wished we had done five years ago. This was a way to spark our own creative touch for ourselves.”

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“We felt that Vegas was the perfect setting, a simple getaway from San Diego and a place already known for losing inhibitions. We wanted to renew, get boozed and tattooed!”

“For the ceremony we used an awesome pop up wedding trailer!” she continued. “Flora Pop, based out of Las Vegas, pulled up with the coolest vintage teardrop trailer to officiate our vow renewal. We chose the Kings Row Rv Trailer Park as our location; one for nostalgia, two because of the vibrant teal pool. She definitely added the unique, out of the box vibe we wanted.”

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“The ceremony itself was a tear-jerker. We had to incorporate 13 years of being with one another, being married for five years, and having an anniversary fall on Friday the 13th. Luis bought me a raw uncut diamond ring as a token of his love. We shared our favourite moments over the years, our desires for the years to come, and the promises we will make to make life that much easier to live with one another.”

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“The best thing about renewing our vows was being able to spend each moment with each other”, she concluded. “Also realising how far we’ve come and staring at one another and knowing exactly what the other is thinking. The whole experience was really intimate. No family, no friends, no one other than us (and our photographer and officiant). It was perfect.”

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