Milk Bath Bridal Boudoir

Melissa Mullins

February 21, 2016


I’ve got something a bit unusual to share with you today – milk bath boudoir shots! Photographer Melissa Mullins explains, “I was inspired to create a unique twist on bridal boudoir. Something different for an independent girl who wants to showcase her rebellious side, without being totally out-there. I wanted to create something soft and romantic but also a little edgy!”


“I chose vintage lingerie straight from the 1950s and loved the delicate lace and flattering shape. To keep things simple and elegant, I used a white milk bath and brought in some natural elements – fall leaves and flowers in shades of pink – to add in bright pops of colour.”


“I also paired our starry night purple milk bath with Dr. Who and Harry Potter themes to incorporate some of the bride’s nerdy interests. I think this creates a boudoir session that is a perfect reflection of both her offbeat and sensitive sides.”


“I hope these shots inspire Rock n Roll brides to do a boudoir shoot in their own way, whatever that means to them. I absolutely love doing these milk bath sessions for my clients because they are a calm and freeing experience at the same time. It also takes a really special type of person to embrace jumping into a pool full of milk for their boudoir session” They are the sensitive dreamers, the gentle rebels, and the ones who I love working with the most.”