50 Husband and Wife Date Night Ideas


Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean date night should go out the window. I actually think it’s more important to make sure to keep it up once you’re hitched. It’s all too easy for life to get in the way and to¬†forget just how wonderful spending time together is.

Here are 50 fun and affordable date night ideas for all you lovebirds out there.

1. The supermarket challenge (aka set a spend limit, separate and go and buy each other fun gifts!)

2. Cook dinner for each other

3. Wine tasting

4. Go for a romantic picnic

5. Stargaze

6. Make something together

7. Go for brunch

8. Go to a museum or gallery

9. Hop on the train and see where it takes you

10. Model village!

11. Set up a scavenger hunt

12. At home movie night

13. Take a class together

14. Paint your bedroom

15. Go thrift shopping

16. Jumble sale!

17. Watch the sunrise or sunset

18. Go to the beach

19. Walk the dog together (if you don’t have one, just walk!)

20. Play video games together

21. Get up early and go to a car boot

22. Go bowling

23. Ice skating!

24. Play tourist in your own city


25. Rent a boat and go out on the river

26. Karaoke

27. Go to a funfair

28. Take a bath together

29. Go for ice cream

30. Ride bikes

31. Take photos

32. Gardening

33. Go window shopping for each other

34. Go to a gig

35. Visit the zoo!

36. Go on a ghost walk

37. Visit a castle

39. Play crazy golf

40. Abuse a photo booth

41. Go camping

42. Visit a street fair

43. Go to the aquarium

44. Bake cupcakes together

45. Play board games

46. Strip poker!

47. Go swimming

48. Make cocktails (and drink them!)

49. Go for a coffee date

50. Lie in bed together all day… preferably naked.



  1. These are brilliant ideas! Me and my husband have been trying to come up with ideas for date night and I think some of these may definitely come in to play!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Getting married is just the start of the rest of your life together. Never take one another for granted. Marriage is a two sided relationship. Always respect one another and remember why you fell in love in the first place. As years go by you face challenges together and may disagree or have different perspectives. Work things out together. Give and take. Remember to tell one another how much you love one another. Dating is fun and a great way of making sure you take time out for one another. We love the winter months snuggling up by the fire under a blanket together watching our favourite tv programmes, but we remember to change routine now and then to avoid getting stale. X

  3. Ron

    Go Andrea!!! Have an awesome time!!! Applaud you for the knowledge that even though many years go by, we don’t have to settle.

  4. Huju

    This list doesn’t work for married couples with a bunch of kids. The babysitter comes. We have a date night. What to do? I’m tired of going to restaurant for fate night. Going to movies is stupid. We are tired after work. Yes, sometimes we go food shopping. Seems stupid to pay babysitter only to go food shopping. Sometimes we go sit at Starbucks. But there is nothing else to do. Sure, occasionally we could go to theater. Or visit friends. But if we have a date night every week, what do we do? It turns out the best thing to do is see a marriage counselor. $10-$15 copay for an hour time of talking about stuff with a counselor who moderated and stuff. I recommend that. Only good things can come out of it

  5. michelle

    to all my fellas out there anywhere now too here is something you all can look at instead of what,s in your pants let alone anything and yes we can go on dates outside ca na da and anywhere else too and your buying on me too I supposedly too I hope hint???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and can this site send me this list too,but I do have my own ideas for this sort of thing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Michelle Henry

    I’ll give some of your suggestions a try.ill let you know if it works

  7. Denise

    For people with children and can’t get away, have a “camping trip” in the house. Put the kids to bed & set up a tent in any room. It doesn’t have to be a big tent or room. If you don’t have a tent, use sheets.(we actually did this outside once) Use air mattresses or several layers of blankets & pillows. (the softer, the better)Play outdoors sounds from youtube. Light the tent with flashlights & have a light picnic, with wine or any beverage & play strip poker. If you don’t have cards, get out the kids crayons & make your own.


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