Burning Man meets a Magical Fairy Land Wedding

Jennifer Lourie Photography

December 10, 2015

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Megan and Pasha met on OK Cupid. Both having been married before, they decided that they wanted their wedding to be unapologetically them!

“Our wedding theme was Burning Meets a magical fairy land!” Megan told me excitedly. “In particular we were inspired by our Burning Man camp: Pretentious Fox. We are both artists and we created large flower sculptures that lit up to decorate space (I created a tutorial here!). When we found our wedding, Precious Forest in Lucerne CA , we knew it was the place for us. We had to haul everything 4,000 ft. up to the top of a mountain for our unforgettable five day wedding but it was worth it! Having a five day wedding was great! It meant we got to spent a lot of time with the people we love and most of our guests camped with us.”

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“We held the wedding on Friday, July 3rd so we could relax and enjoy the 4th of July with the stress of the wedding already over”, she continued. “We rented boats and kayaks for the 4th, then came back to camp where our friends threw us an afternoon tea party which then led to a forest rave. The party went until 7am when we all shared a bottle of prosecco and watched the sunrise around the camp fire (which was shaped like a heart!)”

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“In the spirit of the Burning Man principles of radical self-expression and self-reliance, we decided to make lots of things ourselves. I hand-made and hand-painted over 80 wire flower sculptures, all of the bouquets, the boutonnieres (which lit up!), created 6ft tall flower lanterns to decorate the camp grounds, and made a unicorn and a zebra bust to decorate the altar. My mom, sister, maid of honour, and I decorated the venue and created the table displays. I also baked the cakes. Seeing all the hard work come to fruition was incredibly gratifying.”

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“I loved that we made our wedding so incredibly personal”, she concluded. “It was creative and beautiful and really reflected our personalities and our relationship. We definitely had fun with it!”

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