20 Unique Engagement Rings for Under £500

September 6, 2015

20 Unique Engagement Rings Under £500

Engagement rings can be pretty spendy if you go down the diamond, gold or platinum route. But limited funds shouldn’t mean you can’t get engaged! Rings made of cheaper, but just as beautiful, materials are more popular than ever these days.

Here are 20 of my favourite engagement-worthy rings of the moment, all coming in at less than £500 each!


Sterling Goth Skull Engagement Ring Mystic Topaz Silver Ring Green Pink
Skull and mystic topaz engagement ring by Kipkalinka Jewels, £211.06

Designer and professional goldsmith Christine is the brainchild behind, Kipkalinka. Based in Leipzig, Germany, but able to ship worldwide she works with previous metals as well as silver, semi-precious gemstones and diamonds, to create her unique skull inspired rings. Without using computer aided design, Christine creates every ring by hand, using wax to mould each piece before recreating it in the chosen metal and stones. She even carves each skull by hand! She has 10 year experience and each ring takes around 50 to create. All the precious metal she uses is sustainably recycled from old jewellery.

Prices start from £130 for silver rings. Find her on Instagram @kipkalinka.

Sweetheart pink rourmaline stacking rin

Sweetheart pink rourmaline stacking ring by Sasa Jewelry, £150.31

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise diamond engagement ring by Capucinne, £487.67

Rose Gold Pearl Rin

Rose gold pearl ring by Capucinne, £303.96

cosmic fire ring

Cosmic muse mystic fire antiqued silver ring by Mystic Topaz Jewelry, £81.84

Rose gold pink morganite ring

Rose gold pink morganite ring by By Laris, £259.87

Leaves ring

Leaves ring by Doron Merav, £247.18

White Gold Skull Wedding Set Ring

White gold skull ring by Kipkalinka Jewels, £491.72

Edwardian Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Black gold Edwardian pink sapphire ring by Jewelry Artwork By Vick, £430.89

Purple Amethyst Engagement Ring

Purple amethyst engagement ring by LaMore Design, £457.61

PASTE VICTORIAN 1900s antique gold

1900s antique gold ring by Ingram Cecil, £73.49

Raw uncut rough diamond

Raw uncut rough diamond ring by A Second Time, £197.07

Rose gold diamond ring, thin delicate stacking 14k gold ring

Rose gold delicate diamond ring by Altana Marie, £173.69


Conflict-free rustic diamond ring by Ed Helien, £100

Silver, Copper and Brass

Silver, copper and brass wedding ring set by Gilleri Jewel, £256.53

Tiny Blue Diamond Ring

Tiny blue diamond ring by Lilian Ginebra, £106.22

Deer antler wedding band

Deer antler wedding band by Eire Eco Rings, £106.89

rainbow sapphire

Rainbow sapphire ring by Rainbow Sapphire, £132.94

Vintage Opal Cocktail Ring

Vintage opal cocktail ring by Fergusons Fine Jewelry, £197.07

Dainty Bow Stacking Ring

Dainty bow stacking ring by Fergusons Fine Jewelry, £167.01

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