A Big New Orleans Celebration

Carolyn Scott Photography

August 21, 2015


Jess and Steve were married at Race and Religious, a quintessential New Orleans venue which was built in the 1830s. They were inspired by the city itself for their June wedding.

“New Orleans was a big inspiration for the wedding”, said the bride. “I would say it was alternative in that we often referred to it as our ‘party’ rather than our ‘wedding’. It helped us remember to keep it fun. Our theme was pretty loose but it was really about New Orleans and love and celebration. We played off the romantic and imperfect loveliness of it all.”


“I DIY’ed a lot of the wedding elements and I had a great time with it”, she continued. “We tried to make sure you could see a bit of us in everything we did and keep it personal. Our wedding favours were jars of honey from a bee-keeper in Steve’s mom’s community garden in Florida. That was symbolic for us because we got engaged in Wolfgang Laib’s Waxroom in the Phillips Collection Museum in DC.”


“There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding, but the only thing we would have really done differently was to have made more time to eat!” Jess concluded. “I know you can’t feel this feeling until it happens, but when you walk out on the day of your wedding and see all of your favourite people in the world it’s really hard to feel anything but ecstatic. You have that to look forward to! It’s so worth it.”