Want Your Wedding Business Seen By The Most Awesome Brides & Grooms EVER!?

June 22, 2015


Er, of course you do! You may have read last week that I announced my stupidly exciting new venture, and today I wanted to tell you how you can get involved as a wedding supplier!

It’s all very well and good having the most amazing business idea ever, but if no-one knows about it, it might as well not exist. So if you make something awesome, or offer a killer service that you want brides and grooms to know about, then Rock n Roll Bride Magazine is the place for you!

This is your opportunity to place your product or service in front of the eyeballs of thousands of alternative wedding loving brides and grooms. Brides and grooms that are desperately and very actively searching for wedding suppliers just like you. Reading my magazine are the customers that you’ve always dreamed about having. So what are you waiting for?!

OK so maybe you always assumed that magazine advertising was super expensive? You know what, it really can be. I’ve seen first hand how much other publications have to charge to cover their costs, but not so with Rock n Roll Bride! As I said in my post last week, Gareth and I are going back to doing everything ourselves. Yes, it’s a lot of work (hard work has never scared me, ha!) but it means we’ve been able to slash our overheads significantly so that we can make our magazine ads INSANELY affordable.

Some people have told me I’m completely mental for making the prices so low… but I don’t care! I know how hard it can be for independent designers, Etsy sellers and indie businesses to get traction in this industry and I want to do something to change that.

For the next issue, adverts in the magazine will start from a teeny tiny £50!


Like what you hear? Want to get involved? It’s so easy! Simply get in touch with me personally at kat@rocknrollbride.com.

The adverts will be strictly first come first served. I expect that they are going to sell fast (the next issue is already half full as it is) so please don’t delay! If you do miss out I’ll be able to put you on a wait list for the next issue, and I also have blog advertising options available which are ready to start right away.

So are you ready to join the revolution and sign up for the most exciting wedding magazine to ever grace the newsstands!?


Issue 4 hits the shops on September 3rd, but if you’re not in the UK or you’d prefer to have it delivered directly to your door, you can pre-order one right now. It costs £4.99 and shipping within the United Kingdom is completely and utterly free!