Urban Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Dijana Risteska Photography

June 4, 2015

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Brooke and Andrew were married in Melbourne. They wanted their wedding to have a subtle Alice in Wonderland theme, but one that suited their modern Melbourne venue.

“We wanted our wedding have a slight Alice in Wonderland theme”, the bride said. “The paper bouquets included pages from the book and the boys wore playing card cufflinks. Our table numbers were oversized playing cards and the menus and name place cards featured Alice in Wonderland images. Our confetti, which we sprinkled on the tables,  was heart shaped and also made from pages of Alice in Wonderland books.”

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“We stuck with the colours red, black and white because these were the dominant colours of the venue”, she continued. “We didn’t want to add in too many other colours and make everything look overdone. Our venue was the most expensive thing next to our photographer but they were both well worth it. We loved everything about our venue – the look, the location, and the amazing food. We had to be realistic about our budget because we really wanted a wedding venue where we could do everything in one place. We knew this would increase the cost but with so many guests travelling in, we wanted to make the day as easy as possible for them.”

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The couple had Dijana Risteska photographing their day. “The photos are the only real thing you get to keep from the wedding aside from your memories and we really wanted to love them!”, Brooke explained. “Dijana did a more amazing job than we ever could have imaged and we are so happy to have such beautiful images to keep and share forever.”

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However the biggest savings were on their clothes. She also carried an origami bouquet instead of fresh flowers. “I bought my dress on eBay for $200”, she said. “I wanted to look nice and be happy with my appearance but I also wanted to be realistic about a dress that I was only going to wear once. I think I proved that there are less expensive options out there that still look and feel great!”

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“Once we booked our venue we found that a lot of other stuff fell in to place easier”, she concluded. “So my advice to other couples would be make that decision as soon as you can! Also, enjoy the preparation of your wedding! Yes it is one of the biggest days of your life and yes it is a big deal but what is the point if you don’t enjoy it!? Accept that there are some things that are out of your control and that that is okay.”

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  1. I love the colors and all the personalization… hopefully we can get a few DIY features out of this.

    a question – when you diy so much, what do you with everything thats leftover? like the flowers and such?

  2. I L.O.V.E this wedding!! I think its the colours that make it so striking plus as a movie lover the venue is amazing – actually a tad bit jel this isn’t my wedding hehe

    Jo xoxo

  3. Helen

    What an amazing combination of colours and DIY details. If only I had a time machine I would so steal some of these fab ideas!! I love the candy table sign too and the integration of their zombie love!

  4. What an amazing wedding! I love the movie themes all over this! The badges, the popcorn favours, the poster, it’s like they thought of every single detail! Well done to both of them 🙂

  5. Nikki

    I drove by this very theatre last week!!!! I love the old time feel of it and this got the wheels in my head turning as we just got engaged in key west and want a small wedding ideally. I may have to take a trip back there and put this place into consideration! Congrats you guys!


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