Rustic Ranch Wedding

Malissa Ahlin Photography

March 27, 2015

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James and DevAnn chose a ranch in Southern Colorado as their venue for their summer wedding. They wanted somewhere that would reflect their rustic, vintage theme and one where they could have the whole day in one place.

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“We both have a love for vintage and antique items so we decided to thrift for each and every one of our centrepieces and other various décor”, explained the bride. “We also did lots of DIY such as the stationery, the bar, all the signs and the picture display. We also did the favours ourselves which were a CD with our favourite love songs on.”

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“The best part of the wedding, besides marrying my best friend, was having James’ father officiate the ceremony,” she continued. “It was very meaningful to us and such a wonderful memory. Our biggest expense was our venue hire, but Brush Canyon Ranch was perfect for what we wanted. We saved money by doing all our DIY projects!”

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“There’s not much we would have done differently”, DevAnn concluded, “but maybe we would have booked some sort of DJ for the evening. We used our iPad and it didn’t quite go as we hoped. It didn’t really matter on the day though and I would advise other couples to not sweat the little stuff. At the end of the day this is a celebration of the love you share for each other, not a day to worry about everyone else.”

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  1. Mae

    This photographer is fantastic! However I don’t see this as a rock ‘n roll wedding per se. Yeah they have tattoos but so does everyone in the world today. Reminds me more of Pop Country wedding. Looks like Blake Shelton should be there! JK! It’s a pretty wedding though, I just love the gritty, real rock and roll to the bone weddings I’ve seen you cover. I guess alternative and rock are interchangeable these days. But kudos to the photog!


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