Mismatched Vintage Wedding in New Zealand

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Hayley and Hoots were married in Auckland, New Zealand. After a church ceremony their had their quirky and fun reception at The Sapphire Room in Ponsonby.

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“I was totally inspired by anything vintage”, wrote Hayley, “which started when Hoots proposed to me with his gran’s engagement ring. I loved looking at family photos of their weddings and I loved the idea of a mismatched wedding with not one particular style, colour or theme.”

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For décor they used had their own skulls, antlers and suitcases dotted around the place with jasmine, succulents and eucalyptus leaves. “The main thing that made our wedding unique was that we kept it all about us and what we like. I wore chucks and we had skulls all around the venue. We also went partying until sunrise after the wedding wearing our wedding clothes!”

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“We also wanted to make sure we all had a good time so we had quick easy speeches. We originally didn’t want a top table but we went for having our parents sitting with us which was a special touch, and we had long banquet tables for the guests. We wanted it to feel like a comfortable family and friends Sunday roast banquet with plenty of food and drink.”

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  1. The flowers mixed with the skulls & antlers is just an amazing combination….
    And the photos of the flower girls are beyond adorable!
    Just overall gorgeous and simple…just the way I like it! 🙂

  2. Clare

    Maybe its all the posed shots I see but I just love the photos of this bride full on smiling! So much joy


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