Colourful Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Wedding

Nicola Thompson Photography

February 23, 2015

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The variety of amazing weddings I get to feature really does make my job the best in the world! This morning I posted a sweet little jazz themed wedding and now I’m sharing an all-out colour, DIY, Mexican inspired explosion. Epic!

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Tania and Kyle were married at the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool and all the décor was DIY! “We made over 300 tissue paper pompoms, which ended up being strung, covering windows and staircases”, the bride began. “We doubled up our ceremony backdrop later for the photobooth! My nails were done by a good friend of mine, Janine Scott. She designed the most gorgeous nails with rose tips and the ‘I do’ on my wedding finger was just amazing.”

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“The centrepieces were pompom flowers in tequila bottles, with coloured sand and spray painted skulls, cacti (which were favours), painted birdcages with Chilean bluebirds on top and Mexican Loteria cards for table numbers. We chose the wool pompom flowers as we were able to do these as brightly coloured as possible. We decided to make a lot of it ourselves as getting things like the papel picado shipped over from the US or Mexico was very expensive.”

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Tania wore a Pronovias dress with customised wedding shoes from Wicked Addiction on Etsy! “I was dead against having the traditional satin type wedding shoes that you at wedding shows”, she said, “and when I came across Wicked Addiction and found the most perfect custom day of the dead shoes I knew they were the ones for me! They were shipped from America in record time and were actually surprisingly comfortable, not to mention the coolest shoes ever! So many people commented on them! I’m not very good in heels so had always planned to change into Doc Martens, which my sister hand painted for me, for the evening. ”

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“We are not a normal traditional couple so it wouldn’t make sense if we had a very white wedding”, Kyle took over. “We love bright and colourful celebrations, like Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo and we thought it would make a good theme. We were married on November 1st and although we love Halloween, we wanted something bright and not as gothic. It was important that we kept the bright colour scheme and included as many skulls as possible as we are both obsessed. I think the décor added to the fiesta atmosphere. It was a great day!”

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“We also decided early on that food was going to be an important part of the wedding we are massive foodies”, Tania said. “So instead of going for a traditional wedding cake we decided to get cupcakes from The Custom Cupcake Company. We opted for three different flavour cupcakes (Snickers, strawberries and cream and Mars ) and we also got a chocolate skull cake to tie in with our theme.”

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“In terms of the rest of the food, although the venue supplied it, we wanted to have something different to a traditional sit down three course meal. The staff were amazing in helping us design a perfect menu. We wanted a bit of a Latin feel… so we ended up with soft tacos for starter, beef chilli brisket, black bean stew, quesadillas and nachos for the main, and the cupcakes for the dessert. I was a bit worried at first as we got married so early (11am) and I knew it was going to be quite a long day for everyone, so we needed to make sure we had enough food throughout the day!”

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“My advice to other couples would be to start planning early and enjoy every second of it”, the bride concluded.

“And take it all in”, said the groom, “because it really is all over in a flash!”

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