Seriously Pretty Nature-Inspired Rooftop Wedding

Erin & Ray Photography

January 6, 2015

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Lacey and Josh didn’t want to have a stressful time planning their wedding. Initially they wanted to elope, but instead decided to have a wedding that was relaxed and intimate, and that truly reflected them as a couple.

“We wanted our wedding to be about us and the commitment we were making to one another”, began Lacey. “We didn’t want all of the added fluff that comes with the most traditional weddings. Instead we focused on having a very small, intimate (but still awesome!) celebration with our closest friends and family.”

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“Initially we desired to elope on a cliff-side or in a forest because we wanted to celebrate our mutual love of the outdoors. We decided against eloping (you’re welcome mom!) but we still tried to incorporate a lot of woodsy aspects into our wedding. These included lots of moss, greenery and wooden accents.”

The ceremony took place on the rooftop of Automobile Alley in Oklahoma. “This was the site of the most automobile warehouses and dealerships in the 1920s”, Lacey explained, “and the rooftop had the most amazing exposed brick walls which acted as our backdrop. We added fresh greenery and an outside bar built from reclaimed tin and wood.”

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“The ceremony was definitely both of our favourite moments. Josh said he loved seeing me walking down the aisle and the feet washing ceremony was an intimate and special moment for both of us. We were humbled in front of our family and friends during this first act of service to each other as husband and wife.”

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“We are both avid supporters of small and locally owned businesses so almost all the aspects of our wedding were home made by us or hand made for us”, she continued. “We found most of our décor in our own home or at local thrift stores. I made my own bouquet and flower crown the morning of the wedding and did all of the other floral arrangements myself.”

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Our treats were made by family members and our rings and the invitations were from Etsy sellers. We cut out all the traditional fluff that can add up in price. We didn’t have a caterer or DJ. We decided to just serve drinks and desserts that were made by our family.”

“We would like to tell other brides and grooms that your wedding day is about being a little bit selfish and focusing on yourselves”, Lacey concluded. “Expect some hiccups, like rain (which we had but isn’t that supposed to be lucky?!). At the end of the day you will be starting a new journey with the love of your life and that’s really the only thing that matters.”

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  1. Aw I love this! Lisa’s work is gorgeous and they are such a beautiful (err slight girl crush on the bride, her eyes, her hair!!) couple and she really suits the cute Minna dress. Coolest thing? Actually heading to your honeymoon the same afternoon IN the dress and veil. Serious kudos, that is pretty cool in my book. I’m with you Kat, totally trying that one next time 😉

  2. Hannah Millard

    Lisa…. These photos are gorgeous.

    Awesome couple and wedding perfectly captured. 🙂

  3. These pics are GORGEOUS! I’m really digging the pale and interesting feel of the whole thing. Fab work, Lisa. And yeah – girl crush on the bride fo’sho!

  4. Cassandra

    Love love love this wedding. The cake table and the little embroidery signs are just lovely! And the photography is beautiful. x

  5. VE and am OBSESSEXD with EVERYTHING about this wedding. I thought the last one was my fav in ever but now…. This is just precious! Not to mention how gorgeous the photography is!!!!!!

  6. Wow! What a stunning couple & fabulous pics. Amazing choice of flowers by the way – hydrangeas are my favourites. And talk about choosing the right dress – gorgeous!! Congratulations. Xx

  7. Such beautiful dreamy photos by Lisa Jane! This wedding is the coolest of the cool. I’m going back to look through it all again! Ahhhhh!

  8. Suzane

    Cuttest wedding I’ve ver seen, and I’m pretty grumpy and usually don’t like any too much

  9. lynn louise payne

    I am so in love with the bride’s hair!! I wonder what hair color she uses, it’s so beautiful. Lovely wedding and absolutely gorgeous photography!

  10. Arianna

    I agree with Hot Chocolates, this totally has a 60s feeling! And I’m in love with the bride!


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