Homemade Book-Lovers Vintage Wedding: Tom & Emma

E. Gilbert Photography

June 13, 2014


Tom and Emma were married in Florida. Their wedding was nerdy, with a touch of vintage, just like them! They had loads of lovely handmade and especially sourced details such as paper flower bouquets and Ski Soda brought in from Illinois.

“Pretty much all of our décor was made by us”, began the bride. “We wanted our tables to look like home. We wanted our guests to look around and feel like they were at their grandma’s house. We had stacks of old books, doilies, jars and lace. Actually, the jars used in our centerpieces were Tom’s grandmas from the 50s!”


“Tom taught himself how to make bow ties for his groomsmen’s presents and enjoyed it so much he has started a bow-tie business. We had DIY book page garlands, book page roses, and opted for hand painted signs to keep our guests informed. We fell in love with a lace a burlap aisle runner on Etsy, and the length we needed would have cost us about $180 dollars, so I ordered some burlap lace and made it myself for about $30.”


“We based so much of the wedding on our eclectic selves that we had no other choice but to be quirky”, she continued. “It was mostly inspired by the fact that we didn’t want to rent a limo, wear tuxedos, and have a champagne toast. It evolved so much from the beginning but I think it ended up being Tom and Emma themed. Each decision made was based on who we are as people, it definitely had hints of some of our favorite things like Doctor Who, rockabilly, vintage and books!”


“One of the most important part of our day was Ski Soda!”, she laughed. “It is one of Tom’s favorite things in this world, and bottled where he is from in Illinois, and NOT sold in Florida!! We wrote letters and facebook posts to the company to get Ski to our wedding, and although they were unable to ship their glass bottles to Orlando they were able to accommodate Tom’s sister when she picked up 16 cases from the Excel Bottling Co. in Breese, IL and drove them to Orlando!”


“Another one of my favorite details was our cake topper. Tom and I have matching tattoos of a thimble and and acorn. They reference a part of the book Peter Pan where Wendy and Peter exchange a thimble and an acorn as the representation of a kiss. We hated the idea of random people that didn’t capture us at all on top of our cake so my older brother, Jason, sculpted us a thimble and acorn to sit on top.”