Being ‘Too Fat’ for Photos, Planning a Wedding on the Cheap, Not Inviting Children & Much, Much More!


Advice pieces are some of the most enjoyable posts for me to write. I get hundreds of comments and emails from you guys asking all number of wedding planning – and weirdly hair! – questions, and being able to help you out where I can is immensely satisfying.

If you ever have a question or concern, please feel free to email me! While I can’t promise to reply one-on-one, I may turn your question into a future blog or magazine article.

Here are twelve of the most popular advice articles that were published this past year.


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How to stop worrying about your wedding


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The cheapest ways to get hitched


Surviving your wedding when you don’t feel beautiful


8 ways to get affordable but amazing wedding photographs


How do we tell people we don’t want children at our wedding?


  1. Rachel

    Thanks for these, they’re all really helpful and your advice is so much more sensible and down to earth than some of the rubbish I’ve been finding through panicked late night googling!

    The ‘too fat for photos’ and ‘when you don’t feel beautiful’ articles hit home especially. For me, I’m trying my hardest not to worry about the photos and to be sensible with eating rather than panic dieting or stress binging, but the biggest problem I’m having is finding a dress I like/that will suit me (and accommodate my annoyingly big boobs) and not break the budget. (If only Pepperberry had a bridal range…)

    I was planning on getting a version of one of the many swing dresses I already own bit it’s proving difficult to find any that come in white! The one I had my heart set on (mostly because it had sleeves rather than all the halternecks around) only goes up to a size 18, which would be fine everywhere except the chest and even then I could maybe fit into if I worked hard to lose an inch or so, but I don’t want to put myself through that stress… A couple of other hopefuls are currently out of stock in my/larger sizes, so it’s a game of chicken between waiting to see if they’ll get restocked or I have to give in and get something/anything to avoid leaving it too late for alterations.

    So even with the best body positive intentions,i can see why people do that to themselves. Any recommendations for good plus size dress shops/brands? Or cheap non-China made to measure ones?


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