15 Pieces of Wedding Planning Advice From Past Brides

October 5, 2014

15 pieces of advise from past brides

Wedding planning advice can be found everywhere, but the best source of advice surely has to come from past brides who have actually had weddings similar to the one you’re hoping to have too.

Whenever I interview couples for their real wedding features, I always ask them if they have any advice for future brides and grooms. Here are some of my favourites!

You don’t have to invite everyone


Source: Intimate mountain cabin wedding

“Don’t be afraid to not invite someone. Make a list and stick to that list. People will generally understand, and you can’t be scared of hurting somebody’s feelings when you have a budget to keep or space limitations. Also, things will go wrong. We got a ticket the moment we pulled out of the courthouse when we got our marriage license. We were so pumped and then immediately so bummed. Just shake it off and eat some flapjacks. It all becomes a part of the story, and you’ll love those parts in the end.” – Elia

Ask around for great deals


Source: Handmade budget savvy wedding

“We got so many great deals by just asking around so if you’re stuck for an affordable venue check local farms and country b&b’s with land or camp sites. And don’t underestimate how much work it is putting it all together. I’m not sure the wedding would’ve happened without our AMAZING groomsmen and bridesmaids. We love them. SO MUCH. Keep your goals in perspective too. Some homemade things ended up just as expensive as if we’d bought them and can take a whole lot of time and work, but there are lots of things that can be made thriftily” – Naomi

Take it easy on yourself


Source: Picnic and garden party wedding

“Make sure you take it easy when planning and remind yourself that nothing is set in stone and you won’t get let down in the end. We wanted certain things: outside, summer, friends, food, simplicity, a picnic. So with that in mind we went down to the basics, and stated with bed sheets and picnic baskets. I knew we were going to need anywhere between 20-45 baskets, depending on how many people we invited, how big the baskets were (i.e. how much food/people could fit) so off I went. We stored a lot of ‘junk’ in our house for a while, but worth it. We also kept a box in the closet that I would fill with random things we would ‘need’. Bath bombs to keep us mellow the last weeks of planning (huge life saver!), jump ropes for wedding day, fancy socks, straws I ordered off etsy (they don’t expire, I knew I wanted them, had the cash then, so why not… one thing off the list.) Shopping and planning in this method really saved us in the end.” – Marissa

Hire a wedding planner


Source: Extravagant Alice in Wonderland wedding

“Get a good wedding planner! I don’t think we could’ve done it without them. Our theme definitely would not have been executed as well and they were our biggest stress reliever.” – Rachel

Start DIY early


 Source: Bright and colourful railway station wedding

“My advice to other brides and grooms would be to start DIY early! We had three years to plan but didn’t start all the DIY aspects until about six months before, and that was a stressful six months! Delegate too. I am not very good at delegating and wish I had done more to take the pressure off us.” – Vicky

Be open minded


Source: Purple feathers and purple hair

“Couples on a very tight budget can have a beautiful wedding if they are willing to be open minded, put time into researching, and doing a lot of projects themselves. I’m actually glad that we didn’t have a huge budget to spend, because I definitely would have spent it if it was there! Even though we didn’t have some costly extras or the fanciest ballroom reception venue, it was ‘us’ and it was perfect. What was more important to me than how extravagant it was, was that I ended up married to the man I love.” – Jeni

Let your dreams and interests shine through


Source: Swedish steampunk wedding

“Make use of playful inspiration and let your dreams and interests shine through on your wedding. Many people may have opinions about how you should have your wedding but do not let it depress your wishes. This will always be your day.” – Amanda

Be yourself


Source: Italian fashion and music inspired wedding

“Just be yourself. We loved the theme of our wedding because it was ‘us’! We wanted the day to be a combination of both our styles in everyday life.” – Zaira

Don’t get side-tracked by other people’s expectations


Source: Colourful South African beach wedding

“Don’t get side-tracked by weddings in bridal magazines and expectations. Make your day what you want it to be as a couple without the pressures of society. Focus on what’s important to you both to ensure its a day filled with wonderful memories. This day was hands down the best day of our lives and the most perfect way to begin this next chapter of our lives together. It was worth every cent spent.” – Rozlyn

Hire a great photographer and videographer


Source: Vintage wedding at the Royal Observatory

“I hired the most incredible photographer and videographer. They both are truly masters of their crafts. It ate a lot of our budget up, but realistically that is all you have once the day is over. There are things like copious amounts of ribbon that I could have spent less on (I’m glad I’m a primary school teacher!) but I would warn every couple to make sure that they spend as much as they possibly can on their photos and video as you miss so much on the day.” – Sarah

Don’t feel pressured by DIY


Source: Rustic winter wedding on a farm

“Your wedding day is an amazing day. Don’t feel pressured or defeated by the challenges of DIY. The fact and the feeling that you get from being so involved in creating this memory makes your wedding day ten times more special. Looking back on some of the difficulties and challenges we faced, we still wouldn’t of had it any other way.” – Katie

You don’t have to conform to tradition


Source: Sneaker themed wedding in the Philippines

“You don’t have to conform to what tradition dictates. Your wedding day should be as unique and as colorful as your love story. You do not have to obsess over the tiniest details either – after a couple of weeks no one will remember what color your napkins were or how your hair fell out of place during your first dance. Just make sure to be present in the moment and revel in the comfort of your favorite people in the world. When you realize that you are marrying the love of your life, everything else becomes secondary.” – Barbie

Have a wedding you’d want to attend


Source: Waterfront garden wedding

“When it comes to your wedding, always try to remember that this should be the best party of your life. Make sure it is one that lets your personality shine through and that you would actually want to attend!” – Mallory

Don’t get sucked into spending more than you want to


Source: Black and white beach wedding

“Don’t get sucked into the pricey wedding industry and feel as if you have to buy into all the traditional bits. We got married on a Monday which saved us a ton of money and you can tailor your wedding to suit your tastes. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t all match perfectly, the people who are there will be the ones who love you and your quirkiness!” – Claire

Stick to your instincts


Source: Playful, glittery and kawaii wedding at the Madonna Inn

“A lot of people have will come out of the woodwork to give you their input regarding how the wedding should be planned. Remember that it’s your wedding, stick to your instincts and plan together, so when it comes to the wedding day you and your guests feel a piece of both of you in the adventure.” – Suzi