Handmade Budget Savvy Yurt Wedding: Naomi & Glen

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Naomi and Glen spent just £4000 on their amazing boho wedding in a yurt in September. They saved money everywhere – from the bride having her dress made by a friend, the food being made by friend and family, DIY stationery, the flowers being arranged by Glen’s mum and the cake being made by Naomi’s sister in law!

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“We really wanted to make our stamp on this thing”, began Naomi. “We made the invites, signs and props (my favourites signs were made from wooden plaques found in Glen’s late grandad’s house), the drinks dispensers, the cake stands and a room screen for the photo booth. We made our own rings using a blowtorch at home for mine and some heavier duty machinery for Glen’s! The hog roast was a gift, and all the food was done by family and friends. We really and truly poured our heart and souls in to getting the day off the ground and we really did do everything ourselves.”

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“We got so many great deals by just asking around so if you’re stuck for an affordable venue check local farms and country b&b’s with land or camp sites”, she advises. “And don’t underestimate how much work it is putting it all together. I’m not sure the wedding would’ve happened without our AMAZING groomsmen and bridesmaids. We love them. SO MUCH. Keep your goals in perspective too. Some homemade things ended up just as expensive as if we’d bought them and can take a whole lot of time and work, but there are lots of things that can be made thriftily”

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“We sorted breakfast at a local pub the next day (as lots of people were camping they were more than happy to shell out a tenner for a huge full breakfast)”, she concluded. “Lots of people helped us pack up in between playing games in the field and the pub was awesome. They went above and beyond our expectations in creating an entire breakfast menu for us (they don’t even normally serve breakfast) so IT IS ALWAYS WORTH ASKING!! This time was precious. It meant we actually got to talk to people a bit more and the breakfast revived everyone… well nearly everyone…”

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  1. WOW, Naomi – you guys absolutely rocked your wedding! So much gorgeousness and beautifully photographed, Lydia! Big congratulations on your magical day x

  2. I love Naomi and Glen’s outfits (in fact I have a bit of a style crush on Naomi) and their wedding styling is ace. Beautifully captured by Lydia too – the light is gorgeous.

  3. Huge congratulations Naomi and Glen, your wedding was truly beautiful. I am thrilled to see that you allowed room in your budget to hire Lydia, her photo’s are gorgeous and will be a wonderful lasting reminder of your amazing day!!

  4. Aww man – so much awesomeness. Big fan of the smoke bombs. Great couple shots all round in fact. The styling of this whole wedding really floats my boat. Well done to everyone for making it such a fab day – and double thumbs up to Lydia for the gorgeous images!

  5. Naomi McDouall

    Ahhh thanks for the love in the comments! Literally cannot speak highly enough of Lydia Stamps, she’s been all kinds of amazing :) thanks Kat for featuring us, seems crazy to be on here after following the blog for so long in our planning!!

  6. WHAT A WONDERFUL WEDDING! Naomi and glen, you are sooooooooo amazing and I’m so chuffed to have been a guest. A beautiful, heartfelt full of love day, you peeps rocked it out baby! Huge love to you guys, and gorgeous photos Lydia, good job missus xxx

  7. Thank you to everyone for such lovely comments. Naomi & Glen made my job so easy, it was such an awesome wedding to shoot. Big thanks to Kat for the feature!! :)

  8. Fantastic photography – really captured the love felt in the day and I don’t even know them at all. They just look made for each other :)

  9. Simply an amazing wedding! They did an excellent job allocating their cash because this wedding looks like it had easily 3x the budget.


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