Crazy for Coconut: 10 Ways To Use It

May 19, 2014


I promised myself that 2014 would be the year that I finally started taking better care of my body. I don’t know if it’s hitting 30 that’s done it, or the fact that I’m going to be on the road so much, but I desperately feel the need to give myself some TLC as often as possible. I’m eating better, I’m trying (but failing) to drink less, and I’m investing in some really great beauty products and treats. But taking good care of yourself doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise.

My newest obsession is coconut oil. In fact so enamoured am I with my latest discovery that I’m dedicating a whole blog post to it. You totally need to jump on the coconut train with me! Not only is this one stupidly cheap product (I bought a massive 800g tub of Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil on Amazon for less than £15) but it has so many amazing uses!

Here are ten genius ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine:

1. Eat it! In smoothies, fry with it in instead of other oils, spread it on your toast, blend it into a milkshake… there are so many yummy ways you can eat this stuff. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

2. As the best make up remover you’ll ever own. Fact. Plus it makes your face smell delicious.

3. As a pre-wash hair conditioner. This is my favourite use and I can’t believe it took me so long to discover it. Rub it into your hair (mostly the ends) and leave in for an hour – or overnight if you’re feeling extra indulgent – and simply wash out with shampoo in the morning.

4. Shaving lotion. Close shave + hyper-moisturisation. So long Gillette.

5. Facial Scrub! Combine coconut oil with rock salt and apply to face. It’s so moisturising that your skin will feel positively glowing afterwards!

6, Lip balm. You can either apply it directly to your lips or add an extra dimension with the addition of a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

7. As a Sexual Lubricant. Apparently. OK so I haven’t tried this, but you know, if needs must…

8. Massage Oil. Coconut oil is the perfect substitute for massage oil. It’s not too greasy and has a relaxing scent. The only battle will be who’s going to get massaged first!

9. As after sun lotion. If you’ve spent too much time in the sun a quick slather of this and your scorched skin will feel a whole lot calmer.

10. Bath soak. Add a dollop to your bath for a relaxing and lovely bath time treat.

Have you discovered the wonders of coconut oil yet? What do you use it for?