Summer Bridesmaid Hairspiration


You know me, I’m no wallflower, so when Claire’s asked me if I’d like to play dress up using some of their brightest of the bright brand new hair adornments, I really couldn’t say no. When that trademark lilac packaging landed on my doorstep and I tore into it, I was greeted with so many pretty florals and bright colours that it instantly lifted my hump day mood. I immediately started thinking of ways I could dress them up, bridesmaid’s style!

So, on a slightly damp Tuesday afternoon, Shell and Elbie jumped on a train bound for Reading and we brought our own kind of sunshine to the proceedings! This was such a fun project, and from Shell’s amazing photographs you’d never tell we shot these in my (definitely not very glamorous) kitchen and back garden!

Neon Pop Flower Princess


This was probably my favourite look of the entire shoot. As Elbie was doing my hair and make up, my long-suffering ASOS delivery man (I swear he judges me more and more each time he hands something over) showed up with my latest purchase. I hadn’t planned it but it just happened to perfectly match the coral and pink version of this flower crown. Talk about photo shoot serendipity!

Claire’s actually sent me two of these crowns so I thought it would be fun to double them up and create an all-over flower look. It reminds me of a vintage swimming hat or something!

shelldemar-claires-shoot-019 shelldemar-claires-shoot-021

‘Bloom’ flower crown – £12, Claire’s | Neon skater dress – £65, ASOS

Just one flower crown wasn’t enough for me though, I also nabbed myself the purple and blue version too, isn’t it pretty?

shelldemar-claires-shoot-036x shelldemar-claires-shoot-038x

‘Bloom’ flower crown – £12, Claire’s | Dress – Topshop (no longer available)

Whimsical Flower Fairy

shelldemar-claires-shoot-111 shelldemar-claires-shoot-125x

I actually nearly donated this amazing ombre tutu on my last clothing clear out, but when when it came down to it I just couldn’t say goodbye… and thank goodness because it formed the base of this whimsical flower fairy look!

It’s so weird seeing myself with nude lips, I usually don’t leave the house without some kind of statement colour slicked across my smacker. The peachy flower garland really makes this look extra lovely dontyathink?!


Mixed flower garland – £10, Claire’s | Pink Ombre tutu – custom ordered, Ouma | Dip hem cami – £22, Oasis

shelldemar-claires-shoot-142x shelldemar-claires-shoot-176xshelldemar-claires-shoot-164x

For the deep purple version of the same garland, Elbie vamped it up a bit with deeper purple plum lips using OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia.

Lilac n Lovely

shelldemar-claires-shoot-067x shelldemar-claires-shoot-073x

I’ve been wearing more and more purple these days so these lilac flower hair clips, paired with my purple off-the-shoulder scuba dress was right up my current style street. For a more casual bridesmaid look this could be just the ticket, plus the combined total cost of this entire outfit is just £30! Now who could say no to that?!

Elbie thought we should go bold with the lips (and why not!) Again we used OCC Lip Tar. Oh la la!


 Lilac flower hair clip and brooch – £5 each, Claire’s | Purple off the shoulder scuba dress – £15, Boohoo

Wear Your Heart in Your Hair…

shelldemar-claires-shoot-198x shelldemar-claires-shoot-194x

For the grand finale, and our last bridesmaid look, I wanted to go for something completely different. So I ditched my beloved flowers in favour of this fun – and quite frankly genius – heart bun!

Isn’t this just so super sweet? I’ve actually never seen anyone, anywhere do this before, have you?

It’s also really easy to use. You pull your hair into a ponytail, hold the heart shaped donut in place, and pin your hair around it. OK so there’s no way in hell I’d be able to do this on myself, but with the help of a friend, you could totally rock this look too!


Love heart donut bun – £8, Claire’s | Tiffany jacquard dress – £85, ASOS

As we were shooting this, Elbie said “I think this will get pinned a lot… shoot this for Pinterest Shell!” which really made me laugh. What do you think? Is the idea Pin-worthy?

Go bright or go home I say! What are your bridesmaids up to for their hair and make up?



  1. I bloody love all the accessories and <3 the heart bun! Having major tutu envy! I nearly got my wedding dress from Ouma but bottled it! Oh the regrets! Roll on 10 year vow renewal! heeheex

  2. PINNING MACHINE! I just love that all the flowers are from Claire’s – I bought a cute flower bun garland from there other week, looks so pretty and good value for money 🙂

  3. Karen

    at I love these! Trying to figure if can get away with a floral crown as a guest… bit much?

    Can I ask about the asos neon skater dress? What’s the quality and fit like? I actually bought the pink dress you’re Wearing in the last set but it just wasnt right for my shape (gutted). Im wondering how the other compares… its on the shopping list! Xx

  4. Post author

    Karen – the skater dress is great! I had to go up a size for boob space (I always do with anything high necked from ASOS) but apart from that its perfect. i love it!

  5. Karen

    Cheers Kat… I’m not blessed with your knockout knockers but I’ll try a size up anyway and wear a water bra! Hopefully it’ll be a nice wedding option!

    Enjoy Chicago. Thanks for the dress tips girl xxx

  6. Post author

    You might be fine with your actual size then Karen. I just have boob issues! Order both and return one. Free returns with asos – holla!

  7. Karen

    Oh always. Usual strategy of four different dresses in two sizes each… god bless Collect+

    So great!

  8. What a glorious rainbow goddess woman you are! I am in love with that heart bun. Too bad I live in the middle of the ocean with no Claire’s in sight. #sadface

  9. YES! Certainly pin worthy, I’m about to go pin crazy repinning these images! The heart bun thing is genius, but I’m majorly in love with the large purple and blue flower crown! These images are just gorgeous!

  10. I love these photos Kat, so bright and beautiful! The mixed flower garland is particularly pretty – and the heart-shaped bun donut is a great idea (I find myself using the regular ones in hotter months so obviously a heart shaped one is EVEN BETTER!).

    Also snaps to Shell and Elbie – what a pair of talented vixens! xx

  11. Samantha

    Hi Kat
    I love all the colours in your hair. I myself am a bit of a colour wonder. I wanted to know what the peachy colour was in your hair in the pics? Much appreciated for the info x

  12. Samantha

    Is it really? I use that colour on my hair and it never fades out to that colour. That’s fab x

  13. Post author

    Samantha – I think hair dye looks different on everyone, it depends what kind of hair you have!


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