Rustic and Anthropologie Inspired Wedding… with Zombies!: Anna & Tommy

Love Me Do Photography

December 29, 2013

Love Me Do Photography

Anna and Tommy wanted a wedding that was “rustic, homemade, and Anthropologie meets Urban Outfitters in style” but with some added bite… literally. Oh yes, to go alongside their cute little wedding ideas they threw in some zombies – and why not?!

“I was inspired by a combination of weddings scenes in movies such as Braveheart, and Little Women. I loved the type of wedding that took place in a secret place, or the home of a relative”, began the bride. “I also loved the idea of our friends and families standing around us in a very intimate setting. I think the main thing that made the wedding unique was that it is 100% about who we are as people. So, that is always going to be unique as no two couples are exactly alike.”

Love Me Do Photography

“I decided very early on that I was going to only adopt and support the ideas of a wedding that I truly believed in. I felt like once you started breaking the rules, it was liberating. When we decided that we wanted to have zombie wedding crashers, we didn’t even blink.. we just started plotting and planning. It just made total sense for who we are. What a juxtaposition! We just wanted everyone to have as much fun as possible. They were amazing, and really got the party started!”

Love Me Do Photography

The wedding was full of DIY details made by the couple and their friends and family. “I would just say that on my long ‘wish list’ I wanted a photo booth the most. I really wanted one”, Anna continued. “I priced them out and I was constantly looking for deals. Then I started to consider a DIY photo booth and it just made more sense. Our best man, Freddy, made a giant Polaroid cut out and used spray mount to adorn it with our names and wedding date. We hung it from the ceiling and put a beautiful quilt that my mom made for me behind it. We purchased a polaroid camera and plenty of film and I got some inexpensive props from etsy. Then a friend of mine made some really simple chalk boards with instructions for everyone. In the end it probably cost us about $250 (including the camera) and we got to keep the camera forever. Plus the pictures are a riot!”

Love Me Do Photography

“Our best man also made us an amazing wooden sign of a quote from The Princess Bride, and we opted out of the traditional favors for a self-serve favor table featuring my homemade peanut butter candy bars. Plus we had an original custom cartoon of our beloved cat Gus which depicted him stealing all the favor money and donating it to a cat charity (which we did). The table also featured cat statues and figurines that I have been collecting over the years. We also celebrated Gus by have a cat bride and groom cake topper. Which we purchased from Melabo on etsy.”

Love Me Do Photography

“We saved a lot of money by skipping the stuff we didn’t care about”, she concluded. “For example, we got our wedding cake from Wegmans grocery store because it’s my belief that they have the best cakes in the world! I knew I wanted to make my own signature confections as favors and I felt like we didn’t need some $800 wedding cake. In the end we had cake pops, homemade cookies, pies from a bakery we love and my homemade candy bars. It was fabulous. I’m so glad we didn’t spend a lot. We had so much left over because people were too busy dancing with zombies to eat cake!”

Love Me Do Photography



  1. Amber

    It makes it sound like I built stuff but we all know that it was the amazing Dawn Cowart! What a wonderful day!

  2. Briana Bloodworth

    Awesome job once again!!! Beautiful wedding, traditionally modern, Dawn Cowart….best designer!!

  3. I am in love with those gorgeous bridesmaids dresses. And I like the surf board idea. Fantastic. Im in love with those dresses. I want them 🙂


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