Elegant Rock n Roll Casino Wedding: Danny & Victoria

Matt Ethan Photography

September 20, 2013

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Danny and Victoria didn’t have a grand plan or theme in mind for their wedding. They started with the colours red and purple and then simply picked things they liked – luckily it all came together brilliantly. The bride even dyed her hair purple to match!

“I had always said that I would have a purple wedding dress and right up until I walked down the aisle Danny still thought it was going to be purple”, Victoria began. “However I couldn’t find a purple dress that wasn’t tacky so I ended up with a white one. Although I loved my dress I wanted to add a non-traditional spin so I wore a skull tiara, bracelet, earrings and necklace from Mikey.”

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I also bought studded shoes for me and the bridesmaids too. Danny thought I was mad but I wanted to show something of my personality and I was really pleased with how it all looked together. I knew what I wanted as the bridesmaids dresses but couldn’t find anything suitably unusual anywhere. In the end I bought a 1950s Vogue pattern from eBay and had the dresses handmade. Everybody thought I was mad choosing red and purple as a colour theme too but it really worked. We also had a casino at the evening reception which was really fun.”

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“My advice to future brides and grooms would be to try to relax and take everything in”, she concluded. “The day goes by so quickly so try to sit back and enjoy it. Even the run up, at the time I thought it was dragging but looking back I loved all the planning and pulling things together. Enjoy every moment of the lead up and the day and try not to stress about anything.”

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“We had loads of last minute stresses and Danny was even still sorting out problems with his suit 9pm the day before the wedding. One the actual day our cake even collapsed! It was a disaster and I was so embarrassed but the master of ceremonies at our venue rang round and got us a fake cake to display at the reception. It wasn’t the same but I was so grateful for all the effort everyone went to to help. Ultimately though, everything worked out and even the disaster cake couldn’t ruin our day because it was so great to finally be getting married!”

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