Don’t Panic!


Photography: Katherina Andreeva

Probably one of the biggest – and toughest – lessons I’ve learnt through running my own business is that things are never as straight forward as you think they’ll be. Last week, after returning from a fortnight away from the office, I was met with the news that there was a complication (which was our fault) with the printing of the magazine. It was looking like we’d have to redesign a whole section, rearrange a bunch of stuff and then resubmit the whole document for proofing and printing again. This was not only looking to be a pretty costly mistake but one that was going to delay the release date of the mag by at least a month.

I’m not gonna lie, I flipped out. I wasn’t angry with anyone, more frustrated that this had happened. I’m meticulous to a fault when it comes to keeping things on track and everyone organised so I was annoyed with myself that I’d let something so simple but crucial slip through the net.

After fighting off the tears and thumping the floor for a while, Gareth, Shauna and I were able to work through a solution that was not only much less labour (and cost!) intensive than we initially thought it might be, but one that was actually going to make the magazine much better. Plus it was only going to delay printing by a couple of days!

issue 3 cover sneak peeked

I’d also already sneak peeked the cover on Instagram!

As a business owner you will face situations where you’ll want to scream, shout and cry in frustration. You’ll tweet about downing bottles of wine and struggle to see any obvious way out. When it happens be sure to turn to those you trust to help you get through it. By working together you’ll be able to resolve the issue… and you never know, it might not be as difficult as you thought it would be. In fact the outcome might be much better in the end because of it.

Another point worth mentioning – and this is something I’m completely guilty of – is to never jump to conclusions or over-communicate your problems until you’ve properly worked through a solution. My initial reaction when I heard the news was to email the contributors immediately and explain what was going on and that there would likely be a delay in publishing. Luckily Gareth pulled me back from the cliff edge and advised that I waited until we knew exactly what was happening before bothering them with irrelevant information.

The magazine went off to the printers (again!) on Thursday afternoon and we’re expecting to take delivery of them within the next week! The whole project has taken much longer than we’d planned but I promise it’ll be worth the wait. I’m pretty darn excited for you all to see it.

And breathe…!


  1. Blimey you read my mind! Had a major grrrr moment myself recently but trusted friends in the industry are helping me through it. Reading your post helps to keep things in perspective, and we don’t mind waiting a teeny bit longer for the magazine, it’s worth it!
    Kerry x

  2. Kat! Such a helpful post. You’re so right – it’s rarely as dramatic as it seemed once you’re on the other side of the occasional drama.

    My background is in design for publishing (I’m in love with Shauna & her work on your magazine) so I understand the crazy amount of tiny details it takes to get everything together & printed to perfection. The joy of holding your real life crisp new magazine is definitely earned with countless hours that go into it, plus the fear while you check through every single page (multiple times) until you’re sure everything’s as it should be.

    I’m super excited to get the next issue into my little mits! If the first two are anything to go by it will not disappoint. X x

  3. Madelin Adena Smith


    Thank you for this post. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Near meltdown today while I was editing the final draft of my novel. We all have those days when it seems nothing is working and when you are on your own and have no one but yourself to blame, it can hurt. Enlisting help and brainstorming other options is usually the best way to go, but I quite understand the frustration and impatience (Hello, that’s straight up Aries!)

    So glad to hear things are moving again and furthermore improved!

    Can’t wait to see the new magazine and I’m sure it will be gloriously fantastic.

    Big hoorah from across the ocean,

  4. Ruth C.

    I’m glad it all worked out for you, in the end. Looking forward to adding issue #3 to my collection!

  5. I remember waking up at 6 am in New York last week to 5 panicked emails! Haha. Luckily, I think our solution made the magazine even stronger and it didn’t even take that much more time. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

  6. Post author

    Its a good job you’re an early riser Shauna! haha. Ahh the freak outs only make the end result even more satisfying huh!?

  7. Exactly, we should hold on to the problems , find a solution within our own surroundings prior hitting someone and wasting time.

    p.s. Don’t Panic reminds me of a song by Coldplay. 🙂


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