50 Easy Marketing Ideas for Wedding Professionals

Emma Case Photography

January 10, 2014

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Being the very best at what you do is awesome, but if no one knows you exist then no one is going to book you! January is the busiest month of the whole year for wedding enquiries, so here are some marketing ideas that anyone can employ while more brides and grooms than ever are shopping around for their wedding suppliers.

1. Get a past wedding featured on a wedding blog.
2. Get featured in a magazine.
3. Write a guest post for a blog or an article for a magazine.
4. Run a competition.
5. Offer incentives such as a free X or extra Y if people book you within a certain time frame.
6. Write a helpful wedding planning guide for brides and grooms and publish it on your own site.
7. Post some of your all time favourite work to Instagram.
8. Send thank you cards or little gifts to past clients.
9. Offer discounts or special offers for repeat customers.

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10. Offer something in return for people who recommend you to their friends.
11. Have a banner ad on a wedding blog.
12. Carry business cards that showcase your work.
13. Visit venues and ask about getting on their preferred vendor list.
14. Run a series on your blog showcasing your favourite past work.
15. Send handwritten thank you notes when people enquire or book you.
16. Encourage your past clients to share their wedding images on Facebook.
17. Join up with some industry colleagues and start a referral system for when you’re already booked.
18. Read marketing blogs and websites.
19. Send out cute little magnets for people to put on their fridges with your branding and URL on.

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20. Go to wedding events and industry shows.
21. Network with other wedding industry professionals.
22. Exhibit at a wedding fair.
23. Use Facebook ads to target your ideal client.
24. Book a sponsored post on a wedding blog.
25. Promote posts on Facebook.
26. Collaborate with some other wedding industry professionals for a photo shoot or event and then submit the results to a blog or magazine.
27. Work on your website’s searchability (SEO).
28. Donate your time to a charity you support… and then blog about it.
29. Share things that make you weird and different. Like-minded couples will connect with it.

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30. Work on organically increasing your Facebook engagement.
31. Run a contest where people need to engage via social media to enter.
32. Update your website with your best work.
33. Re-write your About page.
34. Update the copy on your sales page.
35. Offer something extra that your competitors are not.
36. Do a brand audit.
37. Offer discounts for big orders.
38. Rework your packages.
39. Stay positive. Remember that everything you put out there reflects you and your business.

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40. Encourage your past clients to tag themselves in their images on your Facebook page.
41. Always strive to give the best customer experience possible.
42. Reply to enquiries within 24 hours.
43. Enter for an award.
44. Work on your website’s usability and speed.
45. Collaborate with a blogger.
46. Introduce yourself to people.
47. Write a DIY series that promotes your product.
48. Be helpful on Twitter – reply to people’s questions (even if they’re not directed at you).
49. Utilise blog comments.
50. Don’t give up. If something doesn’t work, pick yourself up and try again.

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Here’s to having the most successful 2014 ever!