Business Bites: Vulnerability and Value

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This week I should have been really getting down to the grind and cracking on with my mammoth to do list. There’s always something to fix, or perfect or organise isn’t there? But despite supposedly having a busy week in the office, I allowed myself to do something I haven’t for a long while. I procrastinated.

I watched some crap daytime TV, Gareth and I went out for lunch (and stayed out until 5pm) and I even slept until 11am on Wednesday! It was awesome. Sure, maybe I didn’t power though my ever expanding to do list as quickly as I might have hoped, but you know what, that’s OK. As long as you don’t make a regular habit of slacking off, I don’t think there’s anything too terrible about just allowing yourself to be once in a while. The work will still be right there when you get back.

So why not allow yourself to slack off a little bit and read some of the fantastic business articles that I uncovered this week?

Just go home
Taking a breath
♥  Are your marketing emails getting ignored? These five reasons are probably why
6 steps to getting the perfect job
♥ Embrace the new

“The more I embrace the new, the more I feel at home on a path of growth and change. Going outside my comfort zone ceases to feel scary and stressful, and instead it becomes fun, stimulating, empowering, and even playful. I become comfortable in those spaces of awkwardness, confusion, and mistakes, knowing that whatever happens, I can deal with it and learn from it.” Steve Pavlina

Vulnerability is not a secret sharing free for all
11 unlikely lessons from the super successful
♥ Valuing what you do – a must watch for all artists and creatives!
♥  What do your rates say about your business?
♥ How to stop losing business


  1. I can’t believe you ever have a down time and rest, you always answer emails and are the extremely professional! It is difficult to do working from home, that is why I have an office in the pipeline. Will have a clicky of those links!

  2. Love this post! When working for yourself you sometimes don’t know when to stop, or when to start! I feel less guilty now about taking breaks and getting on with my own life. It just means working extra hard when you finally get motivated again but as you said…it’s okay!

  3. I make sure I find time to have downtime, other wise I am not productive. Some weeks it might be two days a week, other weeks it might be a few hours. Ebbs and flows and I don’t fight it anymore but embrace it.

  4. Beautiful Post! Thanks for linking me and I am flattered to think that lovely cake was mine but I am not the source of that lovely picture.


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