Business Bites: Eat All The Things!

mexican food

I didn’t mean for the intros to these business bites to always be about food, but I guess the series name lends it to be. It’s official, Texas has the most insane food! Since I arrived here on Wednesday we’ve eaten more delicious morsels than ever. It my be a work trip but vacation rules still apply right? I.e. sod the diet, I’m going to try everything! Weird cheese dips, frozen margaritas and wine, and more Mexican food than I even thought possible. The rumours are true by the way, Austinites are very proud of their food culture – we’ve had more eatery recommendations than ever. I kinda wish we were here a bit longer so we could actually try it all.

I guess we’ll just have to come back…

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“There was power, I learned, in giving more than taking, being generous instead of greedy.”

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  1. Jilleeann

    Austin is are usually go to for quick vacation time as its only 3 hours away. When there we eat, have drinks and get some serious vintage shopping done.

  2. I love every single one of the posts here. I changed my Twitter bio straight away, read the whole ‘How I stopped waiting to become a writer….’ to my husband and I absolutely LOVE the email responses! Going to have to use a couple of them myself! Hope your loving Austin! x

  3. I am so with you on the Mexican food – we went there on honeymoon and the cocktails we just so good it was insane and as a huge lover of shellfish don’t even get me started on the lobster and the homemade nachos were just ruddy awesome!!

    Hope you are having fun in Austin, see you in London soon

    Helen xx


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