A Touch of Vegas: Chelsea & Mike

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Chelsea & Mike wanted to marry in Las Vegas but without doing the typical cheesy Vegas wedding thing. So instead of being married by Elvis, they opted for a simple ceremony (not photographed) at Little Church of the West, followed by a photo session around downtown Vegas with photographer Gaby J. “Our wedding them was ‘a touch of Vegas’, explained the bride. “We didn’t want to go all out with an over the top Vegas style wedding equipped with an Elvis pastor. So we opted for something more subtle. I had my blue suede shoes and my bridesmaids wore gold sequin dresses.”

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“The most important thing for me was the photos”, she continued. “So we picked our location based on how they would look in the pictures and Gaby J was the perfect fit. I wanted unique wedding photos and we’d originally picked the neon boneyard and the desert as locations but with Gaby’s help we found even more unique places to shoot like The Pink Motel and Fremont St.”

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“We had lots of hiccups that day!” she laughed. “I learned that you can only plan so much and you just have to depend on other people to do their part. But at the end of the night we had a great time. The best part about getting married in Las Vegas was when we were walking the strip in full wedding garb and people would yell ‘congratulations!’ and start clapping and cheering. At one point in the evening two street corners of people all applauded and whoo-hooed for us. It made us feel like celebs for a night! That made all the hiccups worth it. We were beaming all day with happiness since we weren’t overwhelmed with all the little wedding day details. We got to fully enjoy the day.”

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Keeping things low key was important for this couple and the fun little unplanned moments were the best. “Stopping for pizza during our photo shoot was so fun”, Chelsea continued. “It was the moment I realized I was exactly the kind of the bride I wanted to be: low key and easy going. Our dinner and photos were our main expenses but, to us, they were the most important things that day.”

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  1. Fabulous colours…that pink motel is wicked! Good to see a slightly different take on the ‘Vegas’ wedding x


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