Stop and Pay Attention to the Little Things…

This wedding video has a pretty intense intro but I utterly love it. Wow, what a beautiful way to share a wedding…

“It’s definitely not your typical wedding videography, and be warned, the first 56 seconds are a bit intense for some”, wrote photographer and film maker Dallas Kolotylo who sent this my way.

“To me this video represents the wedding day. Everything leading up to it is hectic and crazy and noisy, and it probably even gives you a headache. And then the day comes and it flies past you and its done, and then you settle into your life and you think back about it. You never remember the whole day as it happened, but you have these memories of feelings, almost random little things that always stick with you about the day. That’s what the video is to me, its a feeling I’ve had for a long long time, and I just tried to make the video in a way that expressed that feeling.”

Please note: This video contains flashing images from the outset.

Gorgeous. Intense. Wonderful.

Don’t forget to stop and remember the little things about your wedding. If you don’t pay attention, they may just pass you by…

Happy Sunday!



  1. This is outstanding! Speaking as both a former bride and wedding photographer I think the intensity of the opening montage is a perfect representation of my memories from my own wedding day and also a superb example of the Pre wedding education I share with my clients as to how quickly the day will fly. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is soo beautifully done & totally expresses that feeling of intense moments rushing past in the blink of an eye. i’d love to show this to all my bride’s saying ‘This is how fast it goes – & thats why you need great people to document it for you” 😉

  3. Wow – this is like nothing I’ve EVER seen! Now that is what you call ‘fast-paced’ haha!!

    Okay, so this style is not going to be for everyone, but I think it’s a great alternative to a typical wedding video. It’s so intense and I love it!!!! 😉

    Jessica РSoir̩e de Luxe xx

  4. Red

    its that edgy, indie a montage in a flim right before something wonderful or tragic happens–( thus the music)…but at the same time, its beautiful,raw, real!! the couple looks so relaxed and happy! very unique! its about living the moment..well done Dallas!


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