Rock n Roll Bride on The Morning Blend – American TV Debut!

August 29, 2011

Photography Credit: Daniel Muller for Esoteric Velvet Magazine (full shoot coming soon)
Dress: Princess Lasertron

As most of you will know, I’m currently on my first American tour (OK it’s not really a ‘tour’ per-say as I’m only going to two places but that sounds fancy right!?) This past week I’ve been in Omaha for their annual fashion week. I was invited by the way-too-cool Megan Hunt better known as Princess Lasertron to model a limited edition Rock n Roll Bride dress (that she would design and make especially for me and the readers of Rock n Roll Bride) in her runway show to debut her Fall 2011 collection. She quite frankly didn’t have to ask me twice. I grabbed Gareth and we hot-footed our way to the US of A.

(fyi the dress will be available to purchase soon – don’t worry I’ll be blogging all about her newest dress designs – all of which I adore – and how you can get your mitts on one of your very own when I return to the UK)

I love Omaha. When I told people I was coming here most of them said ‘Huh? Why are you going to Nebraska?!’… and similarly many people I’ve met here asked me the same question (!) but seriously I love it!

I love the crazy-wide roads, the cobbled streets of the Old Market, the vintage, thrift and antique stores and the tattoo shops that are open past midnight. Plus Omahanians have to be some of the friendliest and coolest people…and seriously, if it’s good enough for Gaga…

I’ll be blogging photos and video from the fashion show, all about working with Megan, meeting Mondo Guerra from Project Runway, the dresses, the photo shoot for Esoteric Velvet Magazine (lil teaser pic at the top of this post – we also set fire to and smashed up a guitar!) and other general Omaha loveliness when I return to the UK, but for now I wanted to share the video of my American television debut!

I nearly fell off my chair when Megan emailed me to let me know we’d be invited on The Morning Blend tv show. I’m still a bit shell-shocked (in a good way) by the whole experience (you’d think that 5 years working as a television producer would harden me to tv nerves but no!) so I’m just going to keep this post short and simple and let you get on with watching the segment.

I hope you enjoy it!

(Watching it back is mortifying…I totally stumbled over a few words (Americans talk fast!) and yes I said ‘peers’ coffee instead of ‘pears’ when reading from the autocue at the end. Cringe! Sorry Omaha…time to get my peepers tested again methinks…)